My father’s cupboard

The wonderful wasp remover Day – yes, his name is really Day – arrived today and reported about a big nest inside the cupboard on the veranda. He took care of the gas extermination of the community inside the cupboard and told me that the ones who were out looking for food would die when they entered the nest.

It was then that I noticed yet another nice symbol: that cupboard is made by my abusive father. These wasps/poisonous stingers/ lives in his space that he made.

And now Day has removed their nest and i will certainly throw that cupboard away. I am willing to part with all the beliefs in fear,insanity and attack that he shared with me, and that I now see as ideas in the mind only.

What is real is Love – the very Space all this is seen to arise in –

I forgive myself for still wanting this dream, and notice how wondrous the results are as soon as I go back to the mind and am willing to change my beliefs and thoughts.

And I don’t need to change them – that’s the sweetness of it – just give that little willingness to have it changed for me by the Love in my mind.

I notice more clearly how, when I seem to see an obnoxious person, or instantly judge somebody in the media, that I am inside my old warped perception, coming from fear – and the minute I am willing to see this person differently, Love wells up inside and I recognize that I am in my own dream.

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