Opening to Love

I go deep down inside the lung/heart area where the chronic cough comes from. Dark.Dense.Sensation of cave.Nausea.

“Do you want to leave?”

Murky.Nausea.Slight movement. G U I L T

We “talk” for a while – gradually it sees that the guilt is just a thought, believed in -and it is ready to leave this nervous system

As is does, what it was protecting/hiding is becoming clear -a vast unending space of calm sunshined peace

I bathe in it, while the cells are gradually opening to love. The skeleton is releasing toxins

So much nausea is here – but it is not serious:)

This morning I am taken down there again – more pockets of guilt are visited: this identity believes it killed off God – but it is not quite certain, and in that case, God is surely after it

It is amazing to experience the Course metaphysics playing out in my mind –

I am willing to be wrong about this belief – that it could be possible for God to separate out a piece of Itself that wants to kill Its Source off –

I give the thoughts and ideas and beliefs to the Holy Spirit, and  I trust that it is done

There are strong heart palpitations and nausea, and it is seen that it is not serious

And “Aint  I special!” says the spiritualized ego, “to have seen all of this..aint I good!”

Listening, a giggling a bit

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