False Evidence Appearing Real

Today I asked Holy Spirit to show me that I live in a dream.

I saw a play:

It was and indescribable experience. We shouted bravos for 5 minutes. The link takes you to the page of the director and his ensemble, who has traveled the world with this. It truly allows us to see the dreamlike quality of our existence.

Here’s a short video from the play:

The 2.example came just now – a few moments ago – my heart is still racing.While I was looking at the video below – “False Evidence Appearing Real = FEAR” – a spider the size about 2×2 inches crept over my wall from under the PC, which I see as a symbol of my mind. It appeared very very very real and I snatched the nearest little book and smashed it. The book was one I note wise-word-quotes from the Course in.

I flushed it down the toilet

Heres the video:


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