Quan Yin

Last night was one of the darkest I have had. I practiced what i found out yesterday, and the attacks became vicious. What was great was that while they were happening, there was no fear in me. But much identification with being a victim of all of that. And feeling like 500 years in the morning.

The last week i have been thinking a lot about Quan Yin – the Chinese Buddha of compassion. Always felt close to me, this one. I remember Stephen Levine talked about Quan Yin’s life story in one of the Levine’s wonderful videos, and the last week I felt a deep desire burn in me to find that story.

Today  – in the mail – was Stephen’s last book: Becoming Quan Yin – the evolution of compassion.

Sent from his sweet self to me, with his greeting: “Treasure yourself.”

Suddenly the attacks are seen in a different light. Not any longer something that I have to push away or defend from – “it shouldn’t have been here” – just something to forgive, extend love into. Not to “improve it and heal it” – to BE the Love to extends Itself.

I am half through the book. I have cried almost all the time

I am blessed


Dear reader of this blog: Stephen and Ondrea Levine are still alive, still teaching. One video a month is ridiculous 10 dollars. Please don’t miss the possibility to follow two of this worlds greatest teachers while they are still in their bodies.



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