Peter disappeard

Oh the beauty of surrendering old thought systems!

Last night a saw that Peter had sent me a friend request, and all the old gloom and doom-energy raised its ugly head. Oh that feels SO bad!So I sat with the energy of it, and in bed  I asked for correction of my perception again and  saw my Self embracing him, right where he thought himself to be.

Today he has disappeared off the Forum/website completely.

That is exactly what we are told will happen when we change our response to the people who we find difficult: either they start to move towards love and share our thinking – or they disappear off the chart.

I sat in the sofa with God, telling him I am here to be helpful. The doorbell rang, the sweetest young girl with a beautiful loving smile asked me to by a Sundaypaper. I don’t like that paper, so I thanked no. Then I realized: by calling her back and telling her I loved her smile i WOULD be truly helpful – in ways I have no idea about. So I did that, and she smiled even broader, and her way of moving was lighter.

It felt amazing!

There was also a strange and surrealistic thing happening last night: when the old disaster thoughts with their accompanying energies came, I got the idea that I did not want to do what I always have done: figuring out what to do that is the right thing to do – going from wrong-mindedness to rightmindedness. That still implies some thinking and figuring out for me. So, all of a sudden, I just started to imagine the most surrealistic  ways to see the surrendering of fear. I don’t remember the details, but I started to giggle and felt a great release just being willing to  think in a different way. And what a different way: playful,surreal, NOT SERIOUS.

And a nice synchronicity happened this morning: I sensed another big gloomanddoom-habit – the one about  writing  the yearly account for my firm. It suddenly became very clear that I don’t need this agony at all. In the same second a ton of old wet snow slid from my roof with a great thunder. What a great symbol of fear falling off

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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Feb 04, 2014 @ 18:51:50

    I liked this whole post, but I especially resonate to the intention to give a gift to everyone we encounter (if that’s what you were suggesting.) I was in my 20s when I decided one day that I would smile at everyone I met, and the results were amazing! Smiles, bright eyes. Of course, I’ve since learned there are places where that’s not particularly safe, but we can always focus on discovering and commenting on the good in each person we encounter up close. When I do that, I’m the person who gains with the pleasure of a returned smile, pleasantly surprised expression of joy.


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