Quan Yin,Carol Simone and a black panther

Last night I had a Skype session with Carol Simone.

During the session there was deep work done with important members of my family – all dead except a brother – and also inner aspects of self. Simone told me about a black panther with shiny yellow eyes that loves me and looks out for me, as one of my medicine animals. So now I have a white horse and a black panther:)

It’s name is Shiloh

How fun to discover that both Ya Karim and Shiloh are names for Christ – the Highest Love

I did not feel relieved after the session, and did not sleep better – but I had a dream that showed me the end of a pattern of paranoia:my late husband had it – insanely jealous, and took anything as a signal to make me “guilty” – there was absolutely no way for me to make him see his error, that nothing had happened
but in the dream he turned up with this insanity about him, and all I felt was tremendous compassion and tenderness – there was no defenses in me, no correction of him -just being calm and letting him know I saw how important it was for him to truly know what had happened – and after some timeless time his demeanor changed – his eyes found mine, and his hand very softly brushed my hand. This was his acknowledgment that his suspicions were wrong.
This never happened while we were married.
Paranoia healed is not so little achievement after a session

How much paranoia is the masterwork of the ego: the tremendous guilt, crushingly denied and projected outside

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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Feb 06, 2014 @ 23:33:01

    Great work!


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