Black Panther and old patterns

Last night and today was intensely filled with strong identification with suffering. As soon as I denied that identity and reclaimed my identity as Spirit, all tiredness and confusion fell away – for about 40 seconds. I was starting to go down the habitual mental spiral of “oh there is something that is stronger than Spirit in me that drags me down” when a clear impulse made me open wise -words notebook nr 13 ( I have filled 15:))  and realized, oh I am doing it again.

The fact that I was led to this exact quote was the sign that I needed to see that I was not straying from the path at all – I just needed a gentle reminder from my Self

The bus driver was the Nigerian man who never smiled, and who spoke in a very non-understandable way. I started sending Love, and gradually he thawed a little. The break -through came a little later when some passengers did not understand him and were stressed, and he rose from his seat at the next station and went down the aisle to them and I heard them laughing together. Miracle.

By John, the healing was just HEAVEN. There were no symbols, just a feeling of being in Heaven. At some time, unexpectedly Shiloh the panther started a ferocious fight: I looked down to her in the Lower World, and boy did she fight darkness and eat it.  Then all was Heaven again.

At the bus home, the same driver was there. Same angry energy –  not one smile. I set a strong intention of seeing him differently – and wanting him to speak to me in a friendly way. I did not have to wait long: he held the bus for a man who took the swat next to me, we started to talk about the book I was reading about autism. We both enjoyed our talk a lot. Then he left, a distracted snow truck almost collided with our bus and the bus driver SMILED at it and turned to me and we talked together.

The energy felt like a shower of spring rain.

At home I logged on this blog, and wanted to find the first blog post about Shiloh. I searched “Black panther” – you might do it too:) and found another post about this panther that I had completely forgotten.

All of a sudden she got a lot more real to me!



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