Sitting with Christ

Everything that has hurt you, you have done out of the belief that you are not safe, not connected to me .Ask me to correct the belief that you are not safe.

When you are becoming aware of any dread of “obligation:” that is just fear speaking. Just brush it away.

I want you to call me Joy today: Causeless Joy, CJ. Do everything WITH me. Sense every molecule to be JOY.

Yes – this is the shift in identification: not from dread and guilt, but from Joy.

I see some tiny morsels at the table and feel I have to brush them away to feel peaceful and safe. Now don’t judge yourself” giggles CJ – Just brush with me. – Look – are they not perfect morsels? So delicate – so innocent?

Indeed they are. One little morsel is a miniature plant of about 2mm.I just need to look with love to see the wonder of it. I remember an artist friend who made a little book about dust and “morsels.” I saw that they were really galaxies – looked at with eyes of wonder.

Can you let everything be as it is, just now?

Can you allow it to be enough?

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