This is written down from listening to Jeshua’s channeling:

An exercise in desire. ( WOM-lesson 04: Following the Thread of Desire.)

1)Set aside the world: “I need do nothing.” Relax the body, close they eyes, let the breathing become deep and rhythmic. As you relax the body and mind, ask yourself “what do I TRULY want?” Observe energies that come without any judgments, notice the feelings in the body and allow this to go on for about a minute or two. Then pause, open your eyes and write down all you can remember. “I saw the image of having 47 sexual partners. I saw the image of having golden coins raining down on me. I saw a huge bow of ice cream. I saw myself in a boat on the ocean – whatever it is, write it down. I noticed that my stomach felt tight, I thought I was going to pee in my pants. Whatever it is, write it down.

2) Take a deep breath, relax again and repeat the process. Place your hand on the heart and repeat: “What do I TRULY desire?” And again allow the process to be what it is. -Leave yourself a period of 10-15 minutes that you repeat this process 6-7 times , writing them down.

Put the piece of paper away in a journal until next exercise-time.

3) Repeat the process.

4)When you have done this 7 times – 7 sheets of paper – then, and only then, begin to look at all the things that came up, and then ask yourself, “what seems to be repeating itself? Whatever it is, notice the pattern, the thread running through the exercise-process.

The imagine that thread to be that energetic link that is tied to the piece of foam at the edge of the wave( Jeshua refers to metaphors he has used for ego/ the top of foam at the edge of the wave and God – The depth of the Ocean. And then consider that perhaps if you allowed yourself to move down that thread, to begin to put your energy on that, to begin to clear up the obstacles within your consciousness that block the desire to be consistently lived from –then by so doing, you will carry yourself from the drop of foam at the edge of the wave, to the heart of God. And that along the way, everything unlike love will come up for you to release it. And in this process you will go through a metamorphosis that will accumulate in you being the living incarnation of the power of Christ – that your soul would realize the fulfillment that it always has sought.

The reason you have decided to cleverly trick to block the energy of desire, is that the soul knows that to follow such a thread in total commitment, it would be embarking on the pathway we spoke of in an earlier hour -the pathway set before you by God. It knows how to take you Home. And if you arrive at Home, it will mean that you will have to had to give up being a seeker – and you will have had to become ONE WHO IS FOUND ( the formatting just happened.)

Now – just by listening  in the night to the tape where he spoke this, I felt aligned with Love. And what a strength I felt! And then a miracle happened: I had a dream where the usual theme of unknown people “invading” my space occurred – but the thought of invasion was missing. They were there to explore something, and I found myself talking with complete authority to them – and with no fear/anxiety whatsoever: “ Now you are here, this is MY home, and I want you to pay full respect in every possible way as long as you are here – both to me and to my belongings.” The persons were intently listening, not to miss anything I told them.

The dynamics between my husband and me were also completely changed: we were equal in every way. There was a deep tenderness between us: no more striving and competing for the big role of the most illustrious artist.

Just by allowing myself to truly feel my desire aligned me with God – and so all the earlier sick coping-mechanics in me fell away.

What a splendid example of what happens when I align with Truth – and how clear it became for me how desire in itself is the very cause of life in every form.

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