Jeshua’s forgiveness practice

  • I am reading through “The way of the Heart”  – Jeshua’s channeling to Jayem – and he gives us a great forgiveness-practice, where whenever we feel that our buttons are pushed, we are (inwardly)thanking that person for allowing us to see what needs healing inside ourself. We then ask to see where we have acted just like the button-pusher – and with great sincerity and honesty saying (inwardly)”Thank you – I judge you  ( person/situation/event) not – I extend forgiveness to myself for what I have created ( it is OUR projection:)) – I love you – I embrace you – I set you free to be yourself ( meaning we surrender our perception of the other) -I bless you with the blessing of Christ” – and then look at that image in your mind dissolving into light AND BE DONE WITH IT –
    I have done this a lot this last month. More and more dark stuff has come up – massacres, insanity, what have you – and I have been shown and told that it is all dross from the collective unconscious/the one mind – and the minute I stop taking it personal and don’t identify with it, and surrender my perception of it, the Light is felt – and this really is a practice: today,for the first time since I started practicing, I just had to think about an insane person in my dream this morning for the image with its corresponding energy to be melted away by a great wave of light and Love

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