I am following a free 7-video-course by Rikka Zimmerman – and want to share how she works with it: to me, they are very helpful tools. Link to her fb site below This is someone who truly walks her talk and has embraced limitlessness to the full. She even allows herself to be bubbling happy in public!

She says:

“-It is not true that I am judging other people: I am reading THEIR judgments.So when i notice a judgment, I immediately hold a space of Love for both of us – for them and for me – and they can let go of it! And now it’s time to let go of judging me! This judging memememe. Here’s a tool that retrains us not to resonate with judgment.

Make a commitment: I am no longer judging me.And even if i find myself in judgment of myself or another,I am not even judging that. I am picturing a stop sign –  S T O P and immediately choose another expansive fun thought about them/me. When you do this, you re-wire your brain. Sooner or later, you will not resonate with judgment any more at all. – If judgments are really heavy and coming back, you say “you know what – I am not going to judge myself any more.” Do that about everything 🙂

Make the commitment: I am no longer judging! And even if i find myself in judgment of myself or another, I am no longer judging that. Just picking up the stop sign and choose something generative.And if that doesn’t work, say “hey! I am NOt judging myself here. And I don’t have to be perfect:)”

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  1. jacalyn2013
    May 22, 2014 @ 01:19:49

    Thanks so much for this info! I signed up.


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