Ticket Home


I am with a group of 2 women, it is night, we are stumbling into a group of “derelicts.” I lose sight of the other 2, and manage my way through this group. They are bone tired, most of them drugged. – I remember that I saw a short interview yesterday with a definitely drugged person, and because of NOT reminding myself that I was seeing a dream, (in Course-meaning,) I got this night-dream. And that was for good:) By noticing how I was maneuvering through the night – with kindness and very little fear – I now realize how much of this “dangerous men on outlook for rape victims” – theme  is now healed.

One of the young men told me he wanted to kiss me, but Dream-Leelah said ” I just want to do this” and stroked his cheek ever so gently.

Oh – his face melted 🙂

Then I was on the train back home – Home – and did not find my paper-ticket. The Conductor told me they had to have it – and I told them to look it up on their computer – there they would find that they had sold it to me.

Oh that was some ticket, boys and girls: In Technicolor, standing diagonally and large on the screen, slowly and majestically revolving around itself in all its majesty.

They bowed and smiled


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