Doing nothing on my own

I am practicing doing everything with H.S
So this morning I tried to open a tube of homeopathic pills. Those tubes are really microscopic. I used a LOT of force and couldn’t open that damn tube. That was so ridiculous that I looked at myself and realized i had tried to open that glass all on my own LOL – so I said” I open this WITH H:S” and yes you guessed it.

Seems so small, doesn’t it – but for me, a HUGE teaching. I shall do NOTHING on my own, and truly practice The rules for decision.

So I asked “what do you want me to do?” and HS told me to go visit a gallery. I did NOT want to do that – and decided to do it anyway. And boy was that perfect! It was an exhibition about the Bauhaus-movement in the 30-50ies- they had experimental theater-videos of old strange stuff where people were dressed up with flat geometric forms which could move in all directions. The body was abstracted – the effect was uncannily strong.

And then I had ALSO dressed up this morning: I had removed the long knitted sleeves from a yellow sweather and made a cap from them, and wore colors much like these abstract figures in the videos wore – without having a clou that I was visiting a Bauhaus-exhibition. So 2 people told me I was one of the art-pieces there -which again affirmed that it was safe to dress up as far-out as I did, because i felt like it. The ego had strongly advised me to dress down, I looked just ridiculous.

The exhibition also made me realize the background and culture that my late husband came from, artistically – and the tradition he and I had worked in. It was amazing, I felt like a lost puzzlepiece finding its place in the great picture.

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