Donkey on the street

I visited the Village’s Shopping center yesterday. It has been here for 39 years, when I moved here newly married.

There were lots of obstacles before the main entrance. I assumed they were digging a hole or sumthin and was aggravated that they did not put up clear signs. Didn’t they respect their customers or what? Justified pissed-off-ness popped up, and I bowed my back and crept under a thin line and was met by a man who just pointed “another way. Over there.”

“Over there” was a new entrance. The whole Mall is rebuild and expanded, and the main entrance was now closed.

What’s the point here? OH – the discovery – yet again – of how clear signs ( NEW ENTRANCE AROUND THE CORNER) were completely overlooked and dismissed by consciousness because I had walked the other way for almost 40 years.

I was blind for those signs. They were all over the place. But my habitual perception were just looking for what it always had seen and believed as “real.”

Which reminds me of a sweet story: one of our great authors once told about one day when he looked out his window on the street parallel to the main street in town – and saw a donkey tied to a bike on the street. Many people passed it, and nobody reacted.

Nobody expects to see a donkey in town. It is invisible for all the people who are not willing to have the validity of their perception questioned

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Jul 10, 2014 @ 19:23:40

    I like this. Like the gorilla in the picture.


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