new paths

Clarity this morning – after having been super-involved in a current drama in one of the groups I am attending –  and then it came to me, this insight: Let it be just as it is. No control whatsoever. Your impulse to “speak out” is nothing more than an ego-attempt of control. Let it b e, and allow all the feelings to come up: Thank you – bless you – and release it in Peace.

After this I listened to a channeling from Way of Mastery: I heard exactly the same thing.

Then I was taking the bus, and there was a lot of working on the road, so the station was moved and i missed it – had to walk a long way back. The traffic-pattern was altered:)

Then i visited my group at Facebook and saw this video:


Then i got the week 18-lesson from I am a Teacher of God: “Accept no compromise in which death plays a part.” And death in the Course is everything that is of the ego thought system – including drama, conflict, “solving” and “fixing.”

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