Looking beyond appearences

Yesterday a dear friend and I played out a scenario where I was traversing a landscape with a sign ” Private land. No admittance”. Jesus was there, he told me not to rush, and told me that I always was . Yup. We were sitting down and he was putting his arms around me, I was leaning into his arms and feeling the love from his heart radiating into my heart through my back. At some point, I was turning around, and I projected a scary mask on his face. Jesus told me through my friend that there was nothing I could do that would change how he was.

In the afternoon, I was hanging out in a Coffee shop called “The Fragrance of the Heart”, and a young drunk man with a mask – yes -started to tell me that that mask was called a vendetta-mask – a mask for revenge. “If you disrespect me, I disrespect you.” He slurred for a while about how fair and just  this was, I just listened and hm’ed and did not argue.

He went out, and then came in again – now with the mask attached to his back head. This time he just went to the counter and asked the waiters something and immediately left.

This morning, someone at an Acim-group posted this advice to me ( the bold is mine:)

Think of any upsetting emotion as an ALIEN that has momentarily snuck in and taken over your life.  Do not tolerate it.  And do not interact with it.  When you are centered in Love, then lower vibrations like fear, anger, sadness, and depression can not touch you.  And all you have to do is just recognize these aliens in order  to make them go away! So if you start to feel angry or upset, etc.,  just watch/observe/catch it before you react, so you can then recognize it is NOT you.  As Gary Renard says often, “don’t make it real.”  These thoughts are not You.

When you step above the battleground, aligned in Love, these alien thoughts cannot enter through you. The action of connecting your mind with Love and Light is SO DAMN POWERFUL that all lower vibrations will automatically disappear when they try to enter into you. They don’t have a chance because you are bathed in Light (which dispels darkness).

 And the same thing goes for when SOMEONE ELSE is expressing alien thoughts (like fear, anger, sickness, shame, guilt, etc).  Recognize that you are looking at aliens and do not respond to them.  Rather look beyond their appearances with spirit, and see straight through the aliens into the wholeness of your brother’s mind, to a place where you can see/feel the connection between you and your brother. The light and love of that action will dissolve the aliens.

And suddenly I GET IT. I shall not deal with the mask: I shall just look behind it.

How many times I have read  and heard this, I don’t know – but now it is very clear 🙂

I met my daughter at the coffee-shop, we were later going to a movie together: “Still Life.” I wanted to watch it for the 2.time – one of the most exquisite movies I have ever seen. The last time I sat in this Coffee-shop, an old friend from 30 years back turned up at the table next to us. We thought this was a strange and a great coincidence, and agreed to see each other soon.

When I tried to make an appointment a couple of days later, she had too much to do – too stressed out, too rushed…

So now my daughter I and sat down in the Cinema – and my old friend with husband turn up sitting next to us!

We enjoyed the movie together, and again said we were going to meet and pick up the thread.

The next day – today – I am sitting contemplating these synchronicities. I put on an episode of my favorite series – ” Northern Exposure.” One of the main figures – “Chris in the morning” has  a beard exactly like the Vendetta-figure. Hmm.


Chris is out in the woods and declines shooting a big Buck, and is awarded by finding a bottle with Buck whiskey on his desk – and the day after, he finds big bucks – a 50 dollar note – in the wood.

In his office a friend of his is camping. He has left other friends who gave him a place to live for some days after his own home had burn-damages.Chris shares his encounters with the buck, and his friends tells him it is all bullshit. Chris suggests that his friend left his other friends’ hospitality because he felt he lost control, and that it scared the hell out of him.

The camper – Maurice Minnifield – returns to his burned house the next day, to find that most of his rare orchids have died. Above all, he grieves that his special orchid that he has cultivated and named after himself – has not made it. Gone.

Nest morning he announces on the radio in Chris’ office that orchids are delicate precious beings – they need care and gentleness. They need somebody to take care of them, now that Minnifield’s  greenhouse for them has been damaged…and then:”no” he says – “I need you. I need you to take care of my precious orchids for me until my  greenhouse has been restored.”

And here, dear readers, is what I need to see:

Meeting Jesus’ love means no control at all for the ego/Leelah-identity


Chris returns to the woods with is beloved Winchester gun. He leaves a bag of corn to the buck, and slides and loses the gun in the lake




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