After watching “Woyzech” last evening at the theater, I took the bus home. At one station what seemed like 20 very drunk teenagers with beer boxes in their hands came on – they were very loud

I saw an old friend in a seat on the other side of the isle and moved over to her.We reminisced about an occasion where it was bitterly cold and lots of snow, and we both were pregnant in the 5th month. We were at a different bus-stop, and a very drunk man feel in love with us and shoved stacks of cash at us because we have helped him up from the snow he was laying in, almost unconscious, and called a taxi for him. We were two very good girls and put his money back into his pockets.

Now – here we were again, some 35 years later, together on a bus with drunken people.

They started to get very very loud, drank openly, and I started to feel afraid they would vomit on me. My friend’s husband reprimanded them loudly, and I sensed a bad atmosphere right around the corner. I remembered Who I was and blessed the bus and the kids with Christ’s blessing.

In less than one minute the atmosphere changed. My friend and I commented on how pretty they all looked, and how sweet they were, like puppies – 8 of them had now bundled together in a heap in the four-seat place. There was a lot of fondly hugging and kissing on cheeks and hugging and dumping down on each other’s laps – all the social borders had vanished, and the natural love overflowed. Some of them started to hum and recite poems, and one of them hushed at some others who were a bit loud.

There was a big HEART that we all floated in. Liz and I sensed it, we smiled to the kids, they smiled to us. Only Liz’ husband looked angry the whole trip – but he did not reprimand anyone anymore.











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