Open to give

Evening. Doorbell. Outside, young man with written sign: photo of him with pretty wife and adorable little girl – and a text that she needs money for operation of the brain.

He looks genuine. I am willing to be tricked, I want to follow the impulse to give, and I find some coins. He smiles and nods and leaves – and Blue says; give him 140 dollars.


I sit with it for about 10 seconds, and then I find the money and run out in the snow and dark with my slippers. He has just left a house nearby, and I run toward him. We can hardly see each others face in the dark. I ask him where he lives – he says in fluent English that he is Polish and lives nearby. I ask him why he has to pay for an operation, and I watch his face and energy as he explains that his daughter has already received two operations, all payed for by the state,but –

At this point I am filled with warmth and tremendous love.  I don’t need any explanation.He is speaking with soft voice, he is the real deal, he is not talking me into anything. Love exudes from him, kindness, honesty, humbleness  – I put the notes in his hand in the dark and tell him it is 140 dollars.  “God told me to give you this” I say…for 3 seconds we stand there, and he slowly understands, and something very heavy rolls off him. He looks me right in the eyes and nods. I run in again – it is COLD outside – and he calls after me, “Merry Christmas”



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