The reader who has followed me for a while knows that Spirit talks to me – among other ways – via my entrance-light, which turns itself off and on taking impulses from the light outside. And also my energyfield – even if I am inside the house and it hangs outside the door. It always goes out if I am carrying a fear and am not specific what that fear is about and letting it go. When that happens, the lamp instanly goes out – and does not go on again until I have found out what the fear is about and realize that i don’t want to hang on to it. So – it is a great helper to become conscious.

Today was extraordinary: I was entering the living room – and as soon as I opened the door to it, the lamp went out – which showed me that my energyfield had a huge aura with dark matter in it. I am not in conscious contact with it myself – but i know that when this field is there, dogs go ballistic around me and look like they have rabies, and people behave weird around me.

Today, I just knew – this is a rest from an archetype that I have named “Fuckeat” in my book “When fear comes home to Love” ( see right menu.) It is an archetype of fear and violence and attack, and in the morning I was able to BE with some of it for a while.

I did not know that I had not released it – until the lamp went out the minute I opened the door.

I felt wonderfully peaceful as i approached the door and the lamp – and heard myself say” This energy has nothing to do with me, it is a collective archetype, I am letting it go now – and the lamp came on again.”

It felt like standing in a healing shower of love.

When I came home from town later, the lamp went out again. I sensed for any sign, and found only the usual bodily discomfort: aha. From now on, I will remember to actively let this go, when i feel like this. It has felt so familiar – always had it – so I need this help to be reminded that it is NOT supposed to be there.

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