Yesterday I had a night with much turbulence, and did not sleep much. I tried to sleep for some extra hours in the morning, and asked H:S to stop time for me – the Course tells us that time is an illusion, and I have known this through therapy sessions I have given where we both thought  we had been together for  at least 3 hours, and only 1/2 hour had passed. I have also experienced the other way.

So I rested a while and got up, and looked at the media-players clock. It showed 3 hours back in time. I turned it off and on again – and now it showed correct time.

This clock can not be set by me. Then it dawned on me that it only showed back to the time when I had prayed that the time was halted for a while. ..OK I do get that this sounds wacky. Feel free to laugh. I would probably have done the same. But now came the icing on the cake: the second I looked at the clock and realized that the clock had stopped when I asked HS to do that, I  confirmed “There is no time.” Precisely in that second the clock showed 00:00 – and then back to normal

I know I know. Laugh all you want:)

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