God speaks in daisies

This morning I was taken by an enormous rage at nothing – and asking what that was about, I heard that it came from the belief in or egomind about worthlessness – and because of that transparent belief, we find any sign of disarray outside – like this time for me, garbage cans not collected in time.  I had projected this ” not pretty and OK -girl” on the landscape and was furious about what “they” were doing to my feelings.

If I had known who I was, the garbage could have piled up and I would not have taken it personal 🙂

After this the anger slid off, and I did todays lesson of sinking down beyond the ego thoughts to find God talking to me.

Peace was there – deep, everlasting in that place – and I asked to hear His voice – and realized in the same moment that I would probably distrust it…and I asked, can You speak to me in another way?

And there was a image of me was standing in the middle of  a great field, and from all directions came people/beings with daisies in their arms for me, until all I could see was beaming laughing loving faces and daisies in all directions as far as I could see



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