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The synchronicities are overwhelmingly loudtalking the last month:

First the movie BIRDMAN with Micheal Keaton – which is about actors  who mesh with the narrative/manuscript they are playing, and you end up not knowing what is script and what is “real” – and in the end, Keaton becomes his fantasyfigure and transcends physical laws.

Then , a play, 2+1,  where 2 terminal old patients take a trip into their common dreamworld/past, and somewhere there a woman says, comfortingly when the one oldie hesitates, “It’s only theater you know -”

Then I am reading the marvelous book “Turtle Diary” by Russel Hoban. It is about an odd couple who steals the big turtles from London Zoo and drives them to the sea and launches them into freedom.There is this fantastic description:

“When a  a photograph in a newspaper is looked at closely one can see the single half-tone dots it’s made of. There one sees the incidence of a single dot,there another and another.Every picture is a pattern of coincidence unrecognizable in the single dot. Each incidence of anything in life is just a single dot and my face is so close to that so that I can’t see what it’s part of. ( My italics.) I shall never be able to stand back far enough to see the whole picture. I shall die in blind ignorance and rage.”

Then she describes how she recognizes the perfection of all the dots, and how they fit – and how every move she does, and everything/person she meets, are parts of this perfect pattern.

And at that sentence, i felt it too – and everything and everybody around me, a busy bus terminal fell into perfect choreographed movements of such beauty that I started to cry.

I was  on my way to a Electronic shop to repair my cellphone. On the way there I sensed that I would later experience  yet another wonderful synchronicity.

And when i stood at the desk with the repairman and waited, I lookd through the long room onto TV- screens at it very far off end:

There were film clips of big turtles there, diving with humans

Then I go to a movie: Sils  Maria – where yet again the actor who plays an actor in a new version of herself 20 years older than the first-play-version – that was simple to understand, right? and she and her assistant mesh with the script of the new film…and if this isn’t enough, there is a line that the actor says, that is almost identical with what I just read in the Turtle Diary book: “I shall never be able to stand back far enough to get the whole picture”


And then I turned on a taped movie for late dinner:

“Family Man” … where the couple go through 3 possible lives /constellations together –

Nothing is cut in stone, people

Tine and Space are constructs

And I did not need to be far away from the  bigdot-picture – I just had to recognize the beautiful choreography of absolute everything my eyes fell on – inclusive myself – and marvel marvel marvel at the perfection of it all

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Mar 25, 2015 @ 18:54:35

    Powerful! Thanks


  2. naturegirltara
    Mar 25, 2015 @ 19:48:10

    My God these are great feelings expressed onto the screen. I experience so many synchronicities on a daily basis but haven’t attempted to write them all out since the experience itself is so rich, beyond words really. Anyway, great job getting the point over to us! Keep on writing. I will go write another blog post about synchronicity, I think I’ve got a few that I’ve attempted out of the immeasurable experiences! Thanks for the inspiration to go get another one down…


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