Atlantic Steamers

In a Skype sharing with Kit, we discuss a client of hers who has a problem with performance – and not being “good enough,” pushing himself insanely.

What a common affliction, I think,  at least in the Western Culture-

and how common a lesson for all Course students, who are experiencing the pull of what ego has taught us, about the intellectual mind’s supremacy over the Heart – and  over the gut level of understanding

And let us not forget that our reptile brain and Amygdala is still geared on protecting us from the saber-tooth tiger –

I have always feared the anger of the person I want to invite to BREATHE when they are caught in the whirlwind of the mind –  you know, when you notice they have already left the building/their own bodily presence. I have feared an attack – and  I have come to believe lately that the anger actually is in me too: I am tired – and angry -of being overrun  by my “reason” – and feeling into that, I sense a part of me that is very angry at being driven over – again and again

I can’t stand to push myself any longer, though it still takes some time before I notice that this is actually what I do

Lately, I have started to do Focusing with inner parts again – I took the whole training, but the habits fell away –  and I noticed that when I got in contact with an inner part that needed attention, it was vital for it to hear from me that I saw it and listened to it. Focusing is NOT about agreeing with what the part sees and feels – but to let it know that it has been heard. What always happens in that process is that our inner Self in Presence – our Christed Self, in Course language – takes over, and the part realizes that it is part of a larger wisdom which loves it, just as it is.

These “parts”  are still active in our mind as long as they have not been acknowledged  and accepted – with judgment, they go in hiding in the body and cause sickness and pain. So talking to them makes big sense

I sense how angry child-me  got when believing she was not “important enough” to be loved and given attention to by my parents – sensing the gifts of heart and love that I brought – that we all bring – “can’t you see the gifts of love that I bring? don’t you want those???

Are you stupid???

and our parents – most of them – have been through the same drill from their parents, so this is deeply buried in our common memory-bank

Deep inside is still this anger, that now we  drive over ourself, our true heartfelt feelings and deep knowing of the heart – and our seeing.

I am one of those who see – when your soul wants me to, I hear it and I see – and then, in those cases, the words come through my Heart and Soul to address what you most need to hear.

If you accept, you will be healed – as is my experience the last 40 or so years.*But what I experienced today was the wonder of Kit believing in this ability in me – and telling me

And in that moment, I sensed” now I don’t need to be burnt on pyres anymore.”

I realized – by sensing it in my body – the fear all “seers” and “wise ones” have felt throughout the ages – the memories of hatred and fear of  “extrasensory knowing” and  the signal-system inside our soul  – and Kit gave a metaphor of great clarity: for  the human thought system of separation, any change in our common energy field has the influence on it like a huge Ocean Steamer – when it turns around, the momentum of the old pattern of fear-thoughts is immensely strong – it takes TIME, in our dream with its dream-rules.

So when we want to change the old habit of going from the limited small mind to the heart, we are like one of those Atlantic Steamers -(that sure helps me being compassionate toward myself:))

but only as long as we believe we are separate entities!

When we remember that we all are in a common project – that of exploring ways to return home, without judging the old landscapes and the persons we seemed to be – and that we all share the same Heart and the same LOVE – that’s when we recognize that we already are safely tucked into God’s Heart, and never left

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