A most remarkable miracle happened during the night and morning. The main theme to be healed in this life – the tensions between the polarity of “Victimizer/Perpetrator” and “Victim” seem to have transformed.

This is the main theme in my book “When Fear Comes Home to Love” – the dance of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the different archetypes that we are influenced by in all their variations. The most unpleasant aspect of doing that dance is the feeling of being possessed by the other part energetically and mentally – while knowing, with the help of A Course in Miracles’ metaphysics, that this pattern is in my mind, being played out for me, and I (as mind outside time and space) have dreamed it up, and that I can allow it to be erased.

I have to mean it with all of me!

Guess how many trillions of time I have done my best to do that – ahh – and this night, I succeeded in reaching deep inside this bodymind to reach a part of that terrified child. I found her, found what she was telling herself, loved her completely and utterly, forgave myself for making it up, and prayed deeply for help to see this whole dance with the eyes of Christ.

I saw the last man – that I had a strong hook with – with Christ’s vision, and the Love in him, as the One Son of God , was tremendous.

And this morning, the hook was gone. The old energized hook/cord with sickening “mean” energy simply was not there anymore – it felt like it never had. All cords to and from the man had gone, and my thoughts about him now are neutral.

I am grateful beyond description

Thank you beloved Blue for never leaving me, taking me always step for step deeper into the very core of the story/energy stamp – and out again


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