Bird takes off

The very essence of Bird * is to save others – to take the attention away from the awareness that it is really she who needs the healing.

This night I saw so sweetly and clearly through her strategy – beneath it was simply what she told herself while trauma happened:

I will go mad if I allow myself to be aware of what is happening and what is being done to me and what I am doing.

The shift – or rather, the self-inflicted spell:

All the pain belonging to me now belongs to you. You are in mortal danger.

I am your savior.

The sweetness of realizing that the strategy is just a cover up is immense.

Now – 2015 – is my trust in the process and my True Self so strong that I welcome whatever memories and feelings that I denied.

Oh the beauty of allowing others to be as they are – with whatever they seem to be going through – realizing their soul’s choice to experience exactly this – in order to be able to transcend it and transform it.

Jesus’ teaching from “The Jewel of the Christ Mind:”

Your only task is to allow the incomprehensible light to move through you to transform you and to BE you. All Enlightenment is remembrance

A rush of spiritual energy flows through me.

An area is over

I sense and become aware of a sound of vast wings flapping

And there she lifts



* Bird is one of the 10 archetypes in “When Fear Comes Home to Love”



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