Always new beginnings

Yesterday  morning  I wrote this poem and posted it on a poetry-forum I love. The feedback was so nice! The last line speaks of always new beginnings – and it seems that I am opening a door to much gentler and fun journeys.

Playville by Nonsington

I left Gloomsbury early morning

It drizzled, and people on the train platform stood lined
up in straight rows, olive green raincoats, soaked tennis shoes
and dripping noses

No one waived

The Villages of Blueburn and Doomsbury whiffed past my
window, leaving a slight headache and a reminder of
rather old shoes

I ate a cucumber sandwich and took a sip of my
thermos with Earl Gray
while we made a short stop at Dullington.
A man at the platform had slid down from his bench,
His Times lay open beside him, pages slowly and
delicately turning, like being read by somebody
not really there.
His mops sat at his head, slowly turning its face after the train

At Gigglington a clear flute fanfare was heard, windows went
down and April air with scent of lemons filled
my compartment as the train softly slid onto the platform,
where a tiny jazz band with mice clad in white dresses with
red polka dots played “God Save the Queen” on banjos.

The train speeded up and there we were, in
Sidetrackington. I stayed for many years until
enough, moved on to the next train and did not move a muscle
when we arrived at Boreington or Dullington – even though
the Railway Hotel looked smashing and they had a
horn-orchestra welcoming visitors.

Glamour City, however –
Freshly and pop-ishy decorated with gaudy
posters of faces of fame and fortune
I had to look a little closer
I heard the whistle in the last second
and hopped aboard again
Helped myself to a cuppa Lapsang Souchong and
a biscuit with Brie and two shrimps

Starting to feel expectant…where would my destination be?
I passed Simplicity, Hopewell and Faithington,
And although I really enjoyed the station of
Peacington, with its clear little lake with
3 swans and a Willow,
I could not see myself staying there

So –
Here I am now – in
Playville by Nonsington
The whole town is a theater, we all star,
And the Mayor welcomed me with
A bouquet of peacock feathers and
a glass of Moet & Chandon
I took his hand and we formed a
meandering chain, dancing in
a spiral into the marketplace
where the play never ends
and we all constantly end up in
always new beginnings

In the evening, I met with a core-group of A Course in  Miracles-teachers. I found myself being held and moved through a situation I have dreaded for months.I had felt for a while that I needed to move on – and I dreaded to tell them this – especially the group leader. It turned out that it was just the ego that had constructed its own little drama of being judged and ostracized and what have you – so when the time come, and  I was called upon, I gave it all up to Holy Spirit – and the words flowed effortlessly and lovingly. I had heard such a harsh critic of me in my mind – being prepared for it –  and it turned out to come from my own mind, all of it.

There was only support and love from them all

Today, I met my daughter and we went to  a sculpture park  – and I found my favorite sculpture- it is called ‘Dance’ by George Cutts.

I love how the two slender pillars of steel turn into a dancer for the viewers

I took a video of it – it’s good to turn the disturbing sound off.

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  2. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Jul 25, 2015 @ 23:01:29

    Beautiful! I want to be there …


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