The Emotion Code

I am practicing Emotion Code with a special magnet I bought, to release feelings hiding in the shield around the heart. Very simple, and for me, highly effective method for releasing old emotions stuck in the nervous system, stored in certain places in the body. I practiced the method some years ago, and because I did not have a magnet then it did not seem to work consistently but today I very quickly and effectively found a shock received in the womb, that has lodged in my lower back. I found this by posing certain questions and using a pendulum – dowsing – for yes and no’s. Most people can learn to dowse if they set their intention to it – and if not, the book “The Emotion Code” has good advises on other ways to dowse.

The shock was a tremendous soul-insight: “ I am about to be born. I DON*T WANT TO! I can’t escape.” I felt it with complete acceptance while I moved the magnet three times over the central meridian, and while doing it, I saw how this denial came from a thought of separation – “I am on my own now” and therefore I had given all power to the body to store the shock-energy – in the kidneys – the lower back. God was left out.

Writing this I am sweating and yawning and feeling tremendous gratitude for this simple method for finding old – often inherited – feelings and energetic imprints, and releasing them.If you are interested, here is a link to the site with the magnets.

A word to those who buy my books – and particularly When Fear Comes Home to Love:

If you find some of the themes  and archetypes hard to digest, and have told yourself you need to read the book from front to back, I have news for you: This book is written with LOVE, and the presence of Love is palpable, as some of my readers kindly have let me know. Therefore, if your ego tells you that you have to read it chronologically, don’t listen: instead, you can find a question you want God to answer and open the book randomly – and I promise you that the answer will be under your fingers.

How can I promise you that?

Because  Blue –  the One High Self  – Holy Spirit – guided  the work.

And there is only ONE High Self

and we all are It

And then, to a new Blue is Playing:

Lesson today in A Course in Miracles:I am not a body. I am free.”

In the evening, I am looking at “Joan of Arcadia” on TV. Joan’s class is performing a play. Their finale-song goes: “We are not flesh and blood. We are love!”

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