Lesson 282: I will not be afraid of love today.

Amazing day

I woke up with a strong dizziness for the third day in a row. At the mall, I was aware of a cluster of energy around me,and that it was neutral, not “mine.” In that second, the dizziness started to evaporate.

I was aware of my condemnations and judgments – and they were neutral, I allowed them to be.

What a tremendous difference: between judging my judgments = PRESSURE and SHOULDING and SELFBLAMING – and just noticing it with interested curiosity

Then I heard a thought that said: You have ordered everything that happens today. And absolute everything was great. Feeling irritation at waiting for the bus was great! Feeling bored listening to a lecture was great! There simply wasn’t a small me it was happening to.

walking to the bus I noticed this tree – or entwining of two trees, really:

DSC_0455 A spruce – entwined with the red wine.  It seemed like they co-existed harmoniously. Like all those pesky ego-voices inside – today just allowed, but given no power at all.


I noticed that the body felt just as crappy as it uses too – I was just interestedly being aware of it. Neutral.  No fear, no guilt and worry – just sumthin.

There’s still pressures and stuff going on in the body – but I don’t take them personally or serious. Which does not mean that I ignore them – I allow them to be there- but there are no stories about them.

For me, that is just L I B E R A T I N G  beyond description.

There was just a tremendous tiredness – and I sat down and allowed it. It did not mean anything – I just sat, with no pressure to fix anything – and it just slipped away, gently.

Ah. The simplicity of non-doing.

Not being afraid of Love today.

Resting in being, letting life be lifing

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