Watching a contest yesterday, close to the Finale now, I found myself thinking about the one I wanted to win. I noticed there was a lot of stress about it – what if this person did not win? That would feel bad…and then an angel flew through my room and suddenly I knew that I choose to choose the one who wins 🙂

The feeling I get is indescribable: no longer fighting reality, wanting something else than what happens every moment.

Most of the night was filled with this ease.

In the morning, strong cramps came in my right leg. In the seconds before I succeeded in placing it on the floor, supporting it, I said “ “Could I just witness this WITH you, Blue?” and after that, the pain was so shockingly violent that I immediately told myself, “no” – I could not stand this a nanosecond –

But something inside me knew that I had already chosen to share it with the Divine – and in that second, it completely vanished, as if it never had been there at all.

In the morning, absolutely everything was wrong with my cell-phone – which is a kind of symbol of my mind. It gave me message after message about everything that did not work – and then the PC did the same: it insisted that there was no Internet connection at the same time where I actually was connected.

I tried to connect to Sony-foras and Sony-telephone support, and they all told me that what I reported was very strange indeed. Whatever they suggested only led to more chaos.

So I sat down and wrote this instead. I believe that ego has a ball with me being sucked into this virtual chaos-dramas – they surely seem real and ANNOYING

I realize how I have somehow given my cellphone the job of keeping me connected – instead of realizing that any break in connections are thoughts in the mind, being reflected back to me. There is really only ONE vital connection for me to make, at all time – and to value the most: the connection to my Self, the Christ

And there’s the sun, shining in my face

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