A wave of fresh truth

Today I got a strong prompt to do something.

In the bus, four young girls and one young boy entered the bus. They were completely without stress and malice – just like a fresh wave of truth washing over me when they entered and passed my seat.

I got the prompt to go back in the bus and tell them this. So I did – they sat all beside each other in the very back, the only 5-seat there is.

“Hi you gang” I said, and they looked at me. And I let them know of the wave of love and truth that embraced them all, and that I felt so strongly and sweetly, and in one instant their faces exploded in smiles. I bathed in those smiles! Then I found myself saying, “When you may feel afraid or sad, remember that I told you this. It can not go away ever. It belongs to you.”

Afterwards, I felt a joy that almost lifted me off my feet.

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