No resistance

This morning I was shown the root of some old energy patterns I always have believed is “mine.” And therefore have attached a lot of guilt and resistance to. This energy has come up for weeks now, and I have always resisted it and felt anger towards it. This blessed morning, I heard Blue’s kind voice suggesting “-And what if this is not what you believe it to be?”

So I pondered that for just a second, and then relaxed completely into it.

Almost instantly, I was shown a winter village in Afghanistan. The energy there was crazy with grief and a desire for revenge.

Thank you Blue. I still need to be reminded that energy that we pick up certainly don’t need to be “ours” – coming from our personal story in this life.

I was guided to use John Newton’s forgiveness prayer – or a little of it:

Infinite  Creator,  All  That  You  Are:    For  me,  all  my  family  members,  all  our  relationships,  

all  our  ancestors  and  all  their  relationships  through  all  time,  through  all  our  lives, in all dimensions

For  all  hurts  and  wrongs:

Physical,  mental,  emotional,  spiritual,  sexual  and  financial  

through  thought,  word  or  deed:    Please  help  us  all  forgive  each  other,  forgive  ourselves,  

forgive  all  people  and  all  people  forgive  us,  completely  and  totally.    Please  and  thank  you


Please  Infinite Creator,  for  the  highest  good:    Lift  out  all  weight,  pain,  burden,  sin,  death,  

debt,  negativity  and  limitation  of  all  kind;  transform  it  into  your  love,  and  let  your  love  

flow  back  into  us,  filling  and  giving  us  all  complete  peace,  now  and  forever.


Please  and  thank  you.

Please  and  thank  you.

Please  and  thank  you.


Please  help  us  love  and  bless  each  other;  love  and  bless  ourselves.    Be  at  peace  with  each  

other  and  at  peace  with  ourselves,  now  and  forever.    Please  and  thank  you.


I did some rounds with this, and saw the energy in the village soften and become calmer, more peaceful – now the vengeance thoughts were gone, there were just deep grief left.

No resistance.





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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Jan 02, 2016 @ 19:56:53

    This is lovely. I’m still catching up from my Christmas trip — mostly delightful, with some travel disasters I’ll blog about when I have time. May 2016 be filled with more deep peace every day.


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