Stephen and Ondrea Levine’s free website

I love to share a link to a free website to a couple of Teachers that has taught for over 50 years now – including the Dalai Lama. Now their site is FREE and open – and I am linking to the 3-part videos that changed my life many years ago, “An exploration of healing into Life and death.”…d-death-part-1

What they teach so stunningly, is how to deal with difficult emotions in a loving way. Their work is radiantly clear and compassionate – many of you here know them. Their oldest videos are about 40 years, I think

The Levines have even written an endorsement to my book in the right menu – When fear Comes Home to Love.I copy it here:

“Leelah says ‘we are not the story, we are the light filled loving space the story floats in.’ Leelah is this space; her writing is a precious resource for the heart and mind. The Tibetans speak about the priceless gem, the ageless doctrines of truth; such are the gifts of the teachings found in her fine book.” –

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