Exercise from “108 ways to turn crises into possibilities.”


When we feverishly try to avoid our own pain – by eating, working, smoking or other addictions, we increase the distance between our inner self and our persona: the face we show others. When there is a big gap between the two ”me’s”, negative energy is sucked into our system and the shit hit the fan. Our own presence to things as they are – and our willingness to meet ourselves in new places – will heal us. Have you ever sat with a painful feeling, as you would sit with your own loved child or dear one? Try it, and see the discomfort fade and change.

This is how you do it: breathe deeply and calmly into the pain. Tell yourself convincingly that this feeling is an opportunity that you have been waiting for: a tremendous possibility for positive change. Now breathe into the feeling, try to feel it even deeper and stronger.

You will discover that when there is no resistance to the feeling – when it is fully allowed – it melts into peace. The more fully you are able to experience it without resistance, the faster it changes. You see – the feelings are just like children: ”I’ll bug you until you notice me and  give me attention.” Unless you do, they’ll stay around-(and make even more noise.)


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