Aileen came in the middle of the night. For the first time. I hope Aileen will visit often.


Aileen, how tall is a giraffe?

As tall as the inside of an elephant

when it stands on his two hind legs and roars

Aileen, how big is an elephant?

As a skyscraper when it touches the stars

and is very lonely

Aileen, how big is a skyscraper?

As big as God – after she has had a full meal

with ants and fresh pataters

Aileen, how did it feel for God

to eat those creepy crawlers?

Oh she laughed and laughed and laughed

and threw her big hands in the air

Aileen – how is it to be God?

A gift like you and me – but taller

Aileen – how tall is God?

Up to the moon and down again

Aileen – how does God make rain?

She runs fast over a big plain

Aileen – how does she make Snowdrops?

She lays down in the night and rubs her big stomach and looks at all the stars

Aileen – how does she make those stars?

She just giggles!


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