The Space for New Creation

I am writing the last part of a novel. Part of that novel describes a young girl at 11 years old stitching a quilt of the Egyptian plagues ( don’t ask) – and as I was working with this stitching ( I mean literally embroidering it )I got stuck. For a LONG while.

Until a couple of days ago: I realized I had somehow had the impossible idea of presenting an image symbolizing the healing of the relationship between Moses and what may have been Thutmose II. And suddenly my hand rejected to take the next stitch – and I was shown  that I need to make space for God in the quilt – literally allowing part of the stitching to have this empty space.

Today I had lunch with my nephew. He works in a huge complex of buildings of a State-company – and there is a roof over an entrance-part that is partly digital. The decoration are made of squares – just as my stitching – and at the corner of it is a live digital movie.

As I watched that part change, I sensed the shudders up my spine as a sign to pay attention: and in the video you can  see what that square consisted of, while I was watching it.

I have posted about this Tree before in the blog: It’s called Acer Palmatum – and the spiritual meaning for me is found in the book The Red Tree. The red leaves flickering across the digital space symbolize for me our Christed Self – our True Nature.

If you would like to know how I came to that meaning of the red leaves, here is a link :

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