There was a shift a couple of days ago: the inner critic had repeated its usual pattern of judging and hating everything and everyone it saw, myself included. I recognized the old pattern – and suddenly, I recognized the energy-structure in this. In that moment, a big wave of LOVE coursed through me, and the haterer was completely drenched in LOVE.

The same night,  the usual pain and judgments startled -and again, the only response, instantaneous, was the same wave of LOVE. I recognized that all of these attacks was a coping mechanism from childhood to try to control me to stay out of angry people’s reach. I felt only love and tenderness that that part struggled so hard. And when it was honored, it instantly stopped again.

I have started to allow all the energy running through me to be drained out my feet and into the earth. I say” ground!” to it, and this two last days there has been very few pains and thoughts that I have attached to.

I know without doubt that Jennifer McLean’s webinars, “Spontaneous Transformation” is a big reason for this: it teaches us how healing it is to honor the old defense-patterns for holding on to the pain so long – until we are strong enough to heal the parts that decided to hang on to them.



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