The mouse-trap

You may call me a nut – but i believe that all i experience is “sent” to me for me to relate to, to choose to see it as something mirroring something.

Yesterday evening  I heard a crash fro the kitchen – and knew it was the mousetrap, When I opened the door to the garbage -cupboard, i saw the little mousetrap being dragged away from the door. I dragged it back, and the poor mouse was very alive  but had his butt in the trap.

Something about the root-chakra then – and about me believing in being trapped and hurt mortally.

I went out and up the stairs to a neighbor to ask for help for what to do – I thought I had to kill the mouse and did not know how, bur a strong man would certainly help me, right –

except it was late evening …

I went back again and stood under the lamppost with aching heart feeling guilty for inflicting pain on this animal. It turned several time at touched the spot where it was trapped with its paws – like it asked for something. I thought that i could not just let it go – it would be badly hurt for the rest of its life ( mirror). So I heard twice, inside: just lift the iron spring that traps its bottom. I did, and the mouse shot out in the air as catapulted, it landed 15 feet away and ran like a lightening.

It did not look harmed at all

I looked for the trap – and found it about 30 feet from where I stood. How it  landed there is beyond me: but the whole thing spoke to me about the power of letting go of the trap I have held myself in – that what I am, can be mortally harmed.

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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Sep 14, 2016 @ 23:29:55

    Great metaphor, but I have to confess, the whole idea of handling the trap with the mouse in it gives me icky stomach chills.


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