The inner Critic

These incessant nagging hateful voices…the last days I have surrendered to them, knowing they bring a gift. How could they not? I have given my life to Awakening, and I trust all that comes to me to be gifts.

This is what I have found to be absolutely true:

Our I AM is the space holder for all of that.

What if these thoughts come to be embraced – that is, their energy comes to be embraced: they are the very essence of everything WE have judged and hated – and now it comes in the only way it CAN, What if we don’t need to listen to them – they are just stories that the mind has made up ABOUT an energy/pain we have thought we are ALONE with: which is the very thought of separation.

We can’t be alone: What has created us IS the very LIFE in us.

The very energy( of the critic/hater) in itself, in my experience, may feel horrible, BUT when I stay with it and breathe, it at some point seems to transform and fall asleep, embraced at last. I am reminded of the leper who ran after Jeshua and pulled his clothes and said ” I will not leave until you bless me.”

Personally I find blessing a complete miracle. What if we all bless the “parts” of humanity who seem to be the carrier of these voices? Can we imagine the stuff they have endured in order to carry these voices inside? – I just listened to a friend’s webinar on Zen Coaching. He said “this is the voice you shall say NO to.” For me, the more I have been angry at those voices, the stronger they have become – just like the lepers. So what if we could turn toward them, refuse to listen and only pray/play / to find the energy UNDERNEATH that is the very motor behind the voices and stories about this me me me. I AM the space for all of it – when i choose to.

And here is a link to an earlier post about a man who silently blessed his Ruwandian attackers who threatened to kill his whole family – and didn’t.

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