Messiah and messiness

There has been much working and transformation in the night lately. The good news for me is that I have passed the place where I think I am a victim of this, and that “I am doing something wrong.” Nope. I am sharing this to check if these may be themes for many of us – working within the “insanity-spectrum.”

I have a friend who had a murderer as grandfather…he was also a very famous writer, enormously creative. This woman and I really hit it together with this spectrum of energies – and it so happens that she might play out something that I need to relate to in a new and forgiving way. So she did, it seemed completely insane. and I used some days to sniff myself into it slowly, and found out that it was my insane filters and judgment of the creation object that felt so horrid. So coming that far, it transformed, but the body feels like crap a lot of the time. And also there is bliss in everyday living – people I meet, people who stop the bus from driving on when I am a little late – smiles everywhere – and the joy of just walking around.

And still, the states of mind where i feel completely crap – frequently – but they are seen through so much easier.

So I had a dream where I dreamed about a former client messing up a room for therapy – and me being extremely irritated – and in another part of the dream, another woman, who happened to be my daughter, demonstrated a model she had made for a musical expression – it was beyond beautiful and light.

What is new is the insight coming when i wake up – realizing that the mess-part is allowed to exists “down here”. and that it is necessary “down here” to show me what I do not want, but with no judgment. My friend pointed out to me that the mess-ness points to Messiah for her – Who turns away from rigidity, seeing it as a possibility for transformation – and we were in awe when we again realized the miracle of interested curiosity and playfulness.

Exploration does not have rigidity as its polarity – since rigidity can be playfully explored in all its levels of fear and resistance. For me, it looks like a polarity may simply be death.

A way to Healing chronic illness/disorders

More on Dragons and Princesses – the 7 week online play-shop I will lead, starting January 1st.

“Dragons” relate to illnesses and “chronic problems” we seem to have – and how we will deal with them instead of “trying to heal” them.

When we change our relations to our wounds – our illness, our pain – we give it the space it needs where it can open up – be seen playfully and with wonder – and therefore be transformed. As long as we hate it and want to fix it, we prevent it from moving and changing – because we have judged it as bad and “shouldn’t be here.”
The more we try to “heal it”, the more we cramp around it, the more resistance is created around it. And then we judge and resist the resistance…no wonder the dragons hold on tight to their treasures.

Just being with it – playfully – creates an extension of the soul you wouldn’t have found if the “illness” had not come to you. This is grace and this is strength: no more victimhood, but an opportunity to open up to look at it differently – with playfulness and “not knowing.”

Only then will the dragon tiptoe out of the darkness – no longer attacking us with flames and horrible sounds – and the princesses will become visible.

Please notice: no expectations for “artistic results.” You need not have any former experience – I assure you, when we just meet up with our willingness and trust in Spirit, magic happens – and also wonderful synchronicities.

Wanna play?
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I am strengthening my trust bones
Today I stood at the bus stop, needing to reach a bus bringing me to a theater. I discovered, just when the bus was supposed to arrive, that I had forgotten my hearing aid. I stood for two minutes debating if I should ran back for them and probably miss the bus. Spirit said: get them.
Thank God I listened! what a lesson: I ran back the little hill to my house ( which takes about a minute) and got the hearing aid. I said: “will you hold the bus for me?” I heard a chuckling. Running back, at the foot of the hill, I saw the bus standing there. No people outside it. Never before have I reached the bus running up the hill when the bus is already there.
But it did not move. It waited. It felt completely surreal. I ran like crazy and got on it.
I am truly taken care of when I listen to what I need and go for it.

Disregarding demands for safety

The (electronic and other) symbolism is amazing! I have three days tried to buy a “wonderbag” – it is a bag that preserves heat in a pot for up to 12 hours, and so saves a lot of electric power. I am currently experimenting with making stock, and drinking a deciliter a day of it in fact helps this body feel much better! Very healthy. But 48 hours pot on the stove costs a lot of money for el-power- and so I needed the wonderbag.

And for three days I tried to fill out my security number on my Visa card – and the numbers turned into symbols on the keyboard -I could not get pass the security number – box

At last I got it – remembering to trust that everything is her for me, helping me -I realized that I would ignore that security- thing and just see what happened.

And I got through

It reminds me of that day  I took the chance to take a very frightening-looking slide – just a black hole and you didn’t know what happened, you had to trust – and I disregarded my insistence of guaranties for safety, and felt 20 kg lighter and 50 years younger at the bottom of it.

Disregard the demands for safety – YOU ARE safe says Holy Spirit

White Dove

As I was awake in the night with great pain, Holy Spirit said: open your eyes and see Truth. Before that, He said words I cannot remember – but the meaning was that in reality, everything is beauty.
I touched an old pain in the shoulder area – there were green pastures wherever I looked. Happy playing children with happy happy voices

And the pain went away

I went to the lung-area, and there was a shining Presence inside a light filled grotto – reflexes from water filled and played on the walls…what an image to fill my lungs with – there was a sound of ten thousand happy babies laughing – Love said “ they are blessings. There are blessings everywhere you look. Remember these visions from now on – remember that anything else is unreal and in the past, and that you can choose to let it go and be done with it.”

After this, I listened to the  mediation on the last webcast  from Way of Mastery – so wonderful and potent –

Israel – this is so great to hear for me:

This body is the vehicle through which you explore your connection to yourself and to others, and to Mother Earth. You explore it THROUGH the body. You as consciousness is present here now, and knows the body is a thing to be cherished and honored, respected and loved. The vehicle through which we get to explore and experience this work – a little while. A vehicle through which the consciousness has learned to transform experience and relationships. 

And also so important – that we put our intention through our breathing to release the darkness.

I am gonna relax the perceptions I have about myself. I will relax my GRIP on consciousness – I don’t have a grip on it .
Relaxation is allowance.

This day I visited our little town nearby. And The Holy Spirit was there, on the bus station. One shiny flawless perfect little dove among the hundreds not so white pigeons. An old woman looked at it too, we looked at each other and smiled knowingly. Then it came to a young woman with a baby in a pram. I said I have never seen a white dove before – except in the Bible. She nodded. Then the dove flew right up in front of her face and almost flapped her with its wings. She startled – and then the dove repeated the maneuver.

A few second later, all the pigeons were gone, and the young woman too.

Then I saw a wonder of a movie: “About Body and Soul.”

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Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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