Dream: I am on my way to school – and the landscape I traverse, a vast Savannah, is filled with lions. I look right ahead, as I am not really caring about this, I “know” that if I look at them, they will see it as an invitation to rip me to pieces.

Waking up, I sense the agonized fear in my nervous system. AND I realize the tremendous gift: Now I have that raw fear of death right HERE – and NOW I can sit with that little girl inside, listen, allowing  her to express.

This fear is the very ground of that “thumping motion” in my solar plexus that earlier caused severe dizziness – God bless this chakra for storing up so much agony and still allowing me to live with joy and curiosity.

And so I sit – and the energy slowly abates. Divinity is present

Hm. Could it be that these dream lions just wanted to play?  And to allow me to hug their great heads and listen to their low satisfied rumbling , cats that they are?

I wonder how it would feel for dream-Leelah to do this


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