A Course in Miracles in a nutshell

The metaphysics of the Course teaches that in reality, there is Oneness. The world – and all its fragmented forms of life, including humans – is an illusion, which seemed to spring to life when we – as the One Son of God – noticed a thought in the One Mind, which suggested that it might be interesting to create outside God, or Oneness. Believing in that Tiny Mad Idea  (TMI) seemed to bring ego’s thought system of fear, guilt and sin into existence -and this world is a place where we, as mind, has made that thought system real.

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 This short text about The Tiny Mad Idea – The Course’s explanation of separation –  is written by my friend Gloria, who does not want to take credit for it 🙂

That’s what it feels like to me when I’m looking with Jesus/Holy Spirit. In a Loving way, they draw a circle that takes in what I’ve judged against, disowned, and thought I had projected “outside” me, and help me to see that is actually just part of my mind. All the while they are reminding me that there is a better way to be free of these thoughts I’ve judged against, denied, and tried to be free of by projecting them away from me. They continue to remind me all these troublesome thoughts stem from a tiny mad idea that I could, and did separate from God, and in that separation, destroyed God, Oneness, Heaven, and my True Identity as the Son of God. They assure me that I just made a mistake. I listened to incorrect information when I chose to believe the ego when it claimed the act had actually been accomplished. They tell me that mistake can be corrected by choosing to believe the Holy Spirit, Who knows the truth of what happened in that tiny tick of time.

And another buddy – Warren Cotton – wrote this:

TMI was a fleeting curiosity about what it might be like to be separate. It lasted only a moment because it was too painful to retain. But in that moment was invented time and space to support the concepts of separation. We are just living out that fleeting thought in the illusion of thousands of years.

There is no reason for guilt because the seeming effects of that fleeting thought are only illusions. We are still safe at Home, and have only to look beyond the illusions to realize where we are. Even in our experience of a “universe filled with quadrillions of split off pieces of our fearful mind,” we have only to change our perception of it to see beyond it.

And this is even shorter:

“He drew a circle that shut me out, heretic, rebel, a thing to flout, but love and I had the wit to win. We drew a circle that took him in.” Charles Edwin Markham

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