When a friend suggested that a past life regression might be helpful for the M.E. I’m experiencing I was initially very hesitant. I am completely open to the concept of past lives but never felt a desire to explore them. I had an anxiety I might see more than I could deal with and it would only increase my fear of how I might have lived and died before. My friend and I are both students of A Course in Miracles in which there is a short section called ‘Is Reincarnation So?’ When I initially read this some years back I had taken it to say that looking at past lives was not necessary for healing. I went to reread it and saw that I had only taken in a part of it. There is a line that says ‘There is always some good in any thought which strengthens the idea that life and the body are not the same’, and later, ‘All beliefs that lead to progress should be honored‘. So acknowledging my fear I went ahead and booked a session with Leelah.

I immediately loved her voice. There was a gentle, safe, confident song in her tone. And for some reason I immediately began quietly crying. This surprised me as I’d not felt tearful, but it felt like a relief. They seemed tears of gratitude and recognition as well as sadness. She began by asking a few questions and allowed me to express my fears. She reassured me that nothing would come up that I wasn’t ready and able to hear and hand over for healing. All I needed was to be willing. I was also afraid that I wouldn’t be able to ‘see’ anything and again she reassured me that there was no requirement on me to perform. This has always been an anxiety in this life, the pressure to perform, and I felt such relief and an opening as she said this. And so we began the session. Throughout I felt totally safe and very gently and clearly guided. When I struggled initially to see anything other than the dark I did not feel rushed or pushed to see anything else, but was gently encouraged to allow things to arise. And because there was no sense of hurry they did. And once started it seemed everything flowed organically. Occasionally I blanked but with Leelah’s gentle prompts and encouragements we continued seemingly effortlessly and a very clear story emerged. What surprised me was it had elements that I’d previously had insight into, but what arose was that my insights had been closely linked but misplaced. The story that emerged was almost the same but from a completely different angle. This new perspective made so much more sense. It somehow seemed to mirror a lot of ‘problems’ I’ve experienced and grown weary of in this life, despite the forgiveness and miracles I’ve experienced through my spiritual path.

My inner guide led me to see and experience a very beautiful and reassuring conclusion to the session which came after the ‘story’ had ended. It was a gift to carry with me from this point on. I had wanted to go beyond reassuring words and comfort and actually experience a sense of true safety. This had been my intention at the beginning of the session, and this is how it concluded. I felt very tired afterwards but in the way of a long journey or struggle having been completed, or something having been lifted that had been very heavy. Tired but finished.

I have no idea what really happened and I don’t need to know. I allow what needs to be healed and released to be so. My intention is to go beyond words and understanding and to know and fully embody my true Self. This session with Leelah has been part of that. I am still in bed with ‘M.E.’ but I know that is done with, I may not physically get up yet, but it is done. Thank you Leelah.

Anne from England


I experienced a very healing therapy session with the skillful and loving Leelah. There were several places through the journey where Leelah’s light and loving touch melted the resistance I felt to moving forward. Visualizing Jesus appearing was surprisingly easy. Looking back on that session, it still feels like a dream, perhaps because there was no second guessing, the chattering monkey mind having being silenced by the time I reached the peaceful place Leelah led me to.

Sometimes, there were composite images, with Jesus appearing by my side, and on different part of the screen. And me indifferent places too, on the screen as a vicious monster, sicker than sin, and my mind recoiling from the images of blood and gore, and Leelah’s voice gently reminding me that it was just an image on the screen.

 All in all, it was a very healing session, and I highly recommend Leelah, if you are looking for a skilled, loving, guided regression into your subconscious, or at least deeper in your mind than you may have gone.



I’d like to share with you here, the beautiful healing i experienced after having a session with Leelah on Skype.

During the session i was taken through the garden of my heart and was shown so many things that helped me to see what beliefs i had been holding about myself. These beliefs were the one thing holding me from seeing myself truly and even now, a week later, i am just amazed at what i saw.

I was taken on a journey through myself that ended with me knowing, without a doubt, my own worth. I was shown, through this incredible journey, where i had not been holding myself in the true light and had not seen how incredibly beautiful and magnificent i truly was. I had always thought of myself as ugly and had never been able to truly believe that i could be beautiful, but on this journey within, i was shown that beauty very clearly and recognized it as my own. It was a powerful experience and one where i was clearly shown that I am one with everything and could now let that be my new truth.

I saw how the mind loves to separate me from everyone and everything else and that now i could truly step into that knowing and believe that the beauty i saw in the world was merely a reflection of my own beauty. As i traveled through the garden of my heart, i was being shown in every moment that I was love and love only. The angel who accompanied me on the journey was clearly showing me all that i was holding onto and as i watched, those things literally melted in front of me, revealing the truth underneath the beliefs. I could see my own beauty, I could see that what i had been believing was the only thing that had stopped me from seeing the truth of who i truly was. I saw clearly and truly knew that the beauty i was seeing within this vision was in fact my own beauty and for the first time i could see it so clearly and knew this to be my truth, replacing all those beliefs i had held about myself before. I was truly beautiful.

I also had an experience of seeing my power and strength too, which i had also never really seen before. I could feel this power within me, that i had always pushed out and away from me, too scared to really step into it and fully allow myself to know my own power. I had always given it away to others and allowed myself to think that they gave it to me instead of it being mine all along. I could see very clearly that it had always been mine and that it was safe to allow myself to feel it now.

I was free to stop playing small and be governed by my thoughts. I could allow myself to fully step into this power now and not be scared of it.

At one point in the journey i saw a castle which, when i stepped into it, i knew to be my home. I could see that this was the inner sanctuary i have read about in books, a place where i could be myself and know unequivocally that i am loved. I felt that love in such a powerful way that there was no doubt left in my mind of how much i was loved and cherished by God. I was Home, in that place that i had been searching for for so long. I could feel the love for myself so deeply and have never been able to before, always having the mind come in and throw me off course. This time it was different, this time i was being shown very clearly that i am loved.

All throughout this beautiful journey, Spirit was showing me the truth. I was being shown my own magnificence in such a gentle way, a way that the mind could allow and understand. I had never felt so free and released from the mind’s ideas about me. The conflict was gone and all that was left was a deep peace. A peace that overrode every untrue thought i had ever had about myself. I knew in that moment that i was Love and that none of my story could hurt me anymore. I was Home.

Leelah, i really want others to be able to come to that place within themselves where they can truly see this for themselves. You are so wonderful and loving in holding that space for this to be allowed to happen my friend and i would recommend anyone to have a session with you to truly reveal this within themselves. Thank-you so much for helping me to see that when i get mind out of the way, true beauty flows out. Even writing this alongside our conversations about it has been a blessing, so thank you very very much my friend.

Ley, England


“As I said, in the beginning, it was hard for me to relax. I felt the fear of needing to perform, and even further, was afraid of then maybe not going to be able “to reach something”. But your tenderness and compassion allowed me to be with whatever there is.
Before, the last months, I always treated the father-son-theme and the journey to my true nature as two separate things. I was trying to solve it on a psychological level, while still playing the role in the story. The session yesterday showed me clearly, that I can just step out of my role, that love is always there. Allowing me to see, that there is no separation between me and him (and anyone), that we are both love.
After our session I went downstairs. I come down and sit by the table to eat lunch and my father just looks at me with this huge smile, full of love. And he starts to talk, about how he has been practicing guitar and his fingers start to hurt a bit – I taught him how to play – all with a glowing face. Remember I said, that the last weeks, we both tried to not look at each other and talk, to avoid our pain. And I just see him, and my family members for what they truly are. Awww.”








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