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This is a short summary of my past that led me to use the Course as the final step to wake up. In my private practice as an Expressive Arts Therapist and healer it has led me to explore the very essence of denial and splitting, and the effects of a mind and psyche where atrocious acts are split off completely.

I had some of the worst thinkable horrifying experiences during my first 18 years – abuse by a  “Dr. Jekyll” father who in the day was a medaled pillar of society and a groundbreaking artist ( and I loved him)- and who at night became  a monstrous Mr Hyde, unrecognizable. That created a huge split in the mind and psyche –  it made it possible to keep the acts out of the consciousness of the whole family, my father and me included.

I had numerous therapies – and started to remember when I was 38.

It opened for questions like “what kind of God allow this” and “where was He? Do I in fact deserve this?”

The pain was devastating, bringing psychoses and visions of demons and hell. I understood that the pain was connected to how my mind worked -and that the choice was insanity or  suicide -or finding the answer to how evil was created, and how to heal my mind.

“When Fear Comes Back to Love” describes explorations of the mind and psyche – my own and my patients. My book chronicles the journey into pure hell and out again, by adhering to inner guidance. I trust this guidance implicitly – it is available for anyone since it comes from the one Heart we all share. You can read about this book at my blog “Awakening to Love”

As I get more in contact with this Love, I recognize that my perception is creating my world -and that as I change my perception, the world changes accordingly. When I do, it feels like it must have felt for Platon’s cave-dwellers when they turned their back to the wall of the cave with its flickering shadows that were taken for real, and went out in to the sunshine.

Welcome to “Leaving the womb”

Leelah Saachi  2010

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