What is happening for me now –

Sometimes – maybe twice a week or more – I meet somebody’s eyes and we both are completely present and awake. “Foreigners”, that is. And they all feel like the oldest bestest friends. We never stop, I’ve noticed – just a 2-3-second eye-soul contact, deep peacefulness and joy, and then the habit takes our feet away.

But the imprint of love and joining is as strong NOW as it was when it happened – just fully remembering Who we are.

In the night, the dreams are chaotic and very very unpleasant and tiring. But when i get up and abide as Christ, I ask what belief lies under all of that. Then i realize that earlier,this belief was helping me stay “protected” from saying something and causing dangerous situations – so I thank that pattern, own it. and see that it is not valuable any longer.

Today I sat like this in the five-minutes abiding as Christ  – which turned into 3/4 hour – and at some point, a river of toxicity left my brain through my temples or ears in two streams.

Afterwards I felt I had lost about 20 pounds

Today I got a new book by Susan Wooldridge:  Poemcrazy. When I was sitting with it, the doorbell started co-cooing like crazy – 6 times, and then a seventh while I was looking at it through the window. THIS IS FOR YOU. DO IT!

Oh yes I will – funny thing is. I have done so many of this word-games she describes in earlier workshops. And now, I am back -and I will find somebody to play with 🙂

Recent poem:


Left road:

Rain on Monday evenings between 19-21
Military marches for small men with big dogs on Wednesdays
Digging holes for manure Fridays
Flag rising on Sundays, only on municipal buildings
No singing on Thursdays
Whistling: never
Red clothes only Saturday evening after 7pm
Weeping and gnashing of teeth 10 minutes after 5pm each day

Right road:

Moonlight serenades by small insects with lighted bottoms
Checkered dresses and flowered suits whenever
Pink bubbly and chocolate mousse whenever
Nothing matters
Nothing changes

Turn around.
Wait for the little red and yellow copter

Jeshua’s Forgiveness processes

I  have listened to Jeshua – channeled by Jayem –  on this free down-loadable audio yesterday, and find it illuminating. : One Who Wakes – WOM Lesson 03 – “The Power of Forgiveness.”)


Suddenly forgiveness was simple♥

Here is Jeshua speaking on Forgiveness. I have written it down as well as I can – but my main language is not English, so please forgive any glitches.

“The judgment is in the memory – here – now. To be undone. I am going to choose again. Look upon a scene where you judged another person or yourself. This is coming as a gift – to be undone by forgiveness -to undo the effect of your previous choices. Now, make a new choice.

Look at it. Stay with it. Recognize how judgment worked at that time. And then, say to that person or that event:

“I judge you not. I extend forgiveness to myself for what I have created. I embrace you and I love you and free you to be yourself. And I bless you with the blessing of Christ.” Then see that image or memory gently dissolve into Light until there is no trace of it left – and be done with it.

If I hurt somebody when I was small and they were small – they are still here in my mind. All minds are joined. It means that whenever you extend forgiveness inside your consciousness, your emotional field, to another – whether they be physical present or not – you are extending to them as if they were physical present in front of you. Even if they were – they still have to receive it, don’t they. They still have their choice to make – whether to accept it or to remain in judgment of you, and that is their issue. Not yours.

Understand then that you are dealing with consciousness. You are not a physical being. You are Spirit. And you are intimately linked with all minds at all time. Therefore forgiveness can occur any time you decide that it can occur. Anybody you think that has wronged you can be forgiven by you this very moment. Any judgment in this or other moments – you can undo them by simply making another choice.
Rest assured you will proceed to project on others what remains unforgiven within yourself. Each time you react to another, you have been given a sign that there is some kind of energy within you that is presented to your awareness that you have not forgiven within yourself.
If someone is critical and it pushes your buttons, every time they are critical, rest assured you have not healed that part of your own beingness, that part of being critical of others. You have still not forgiven yourself, whether this is just now or a returning pattern for having identified with that energy.

Observe what pushes your buttons. If you can stay with it, it will reveal to you the energies that are in need of your forgiveness.

The technique is quite simple. As you go through your day, observe when you are in contraction. Shallow breath, tight muscles…does your voice become faster and louder when you speak about someone else – that is a sign that you need to do healing within yourself. When you recognize that these kind of signs are going on – in other words life has presented you with an opportunity to be disturbed – that is a sign that there is something that requires healing. So therefore count it a blessing. Turn your awareness from what you think has caused you disturbance. Remember the first Axiom: “I am the Source of my experience.” I am feeling disturbed. What is it in me that needs to be healed?” Begin to breathe deeply with the body, and rhythmically . let the body soften and relax – and ask: “What is it in this person’s energy that is really pushing my buttons?”

Your memory will come back – distasteful memories if you are judging them. Let them come back. continue to breathe and relax, look upon that energy of being critical, honor, love it – it is a creation. It is your creations coming back to you, that you may embrace them and transform them. And in that example, just stay with it, look at it – “Ah, being critical, I know that energy very well.” Look upon a scene in the memory where you have been critical. Look upon it with deep honesty and sincerity. And say to yourself:
“I forgive myself for being critical. I forgive my judgment of myself. I choose to teach only Love.” Watch that energy disappear from your mind, dissolve from your mind, and bring yourself back to the present moment and that person who just pushed your button. Again, you don’t need to say anything at all, or you might – but within yourself, forgive them for allowing the energy of being critical to temporarily make a home in the mind.

And merely ask the Holy Spirit to replace your perception with the Truth. Ask to see the innocent light within them. As you cultivate this, you’ll become very very good at it. You’d be able to do it fast. And once you begin to see the light in them, you can ask the Holy Spirit, “what is this critical energy in me masking – what are they really crying out for?” And then you will feel compassion, and it will be revealed to you why they are hurting inside. And lo and behold – instead of being reactionary with them, you just might be compassionate. Your own words will turn out to be different. And through you will be channeled exactly what serves them.”

( Comment from Leelah: here is the link to the audio: One Who Wakes –

WOM Lesson 03 – “The Power of Forgiveness.”)


What I have written down is from ca 68:00. Do yourself a favor, please listen to the very end – Jesus shares his instant forgiveness process with the man who was about to drive the nail through his hand. You will not want to miss it.

Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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