No more being sucked into hell

I had a Skype session with my friend Barbara – dealing with the belief, ” I need to prepare and be alert for being sucked into hell when I die.” After half an hour, something within shifted – I saw that I have a choice – that I can say ” I believe I will NOT be sucked in to hell.”

The same night I had a dream, with the old usual insanity in the form as stalkers and murderers. I wake up, sense the crazy energy within, and know in an unquestionable way that this is something I/ego made up: and I am willing to set it free. I am willing to choose to believe in Truth instead of my made-up-horror.I invite truth into the space that I have give to insanity. I am so willing to be wrong about everything that I have made. I choose to let go of those beliefs.

This feels completely  natural and true. I feel strong and present.

And when I wake up, all kinds of body-sensations are trying to trick me into believing that I am in danger, that nothing has been changed.

But it has.


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