Off the Cliff

This moment in time -17th of August =3:28am -I realize that I do not any longer need to  – and want to – find the specific reasons for my sleeplessness,aches and pains. The ego has had a ball with this idea: the challenge of finding the specific thoughts that create the specific pain or fear in the nervous system it so intellectually satisfying – when I have found the cause, the symptoms most often disappear – which gives the ego a great boost.

I don’t need to  leaf through all these variations of fear any longer – through all incarnations – oh vey is mir – I have dutifully looked for them

I see that it is completely unnecessary

Big fear:” Being a detective gave you control. Now you have no control any longer.”

No: All appearances are the same – they have already been healed eons ago, you are ever only reviewing what has already happened.

An earlier chronic pain in the throat -gone for years – appears.

NO: I don’t allow this pattern any longer. I am not willing to listen to this fear and control voice any longer. I do not value it any longer.


How sweet: this enough comes from a vastly deeper level that the former ones

I see an inner image: it is a graphic print  I love of a person standing before a mirror – and it is called “the Dreamer”. I have another print by the same artist: an angel stands on the end of a cliff. It looks down, there is a white bird floating there – and the angel just stands there, frozen – in lack of trust of its wings

I just jumped

Who is jumping is who is receiving the jumper – softly gently welcoming her home


After this, a dream: I have lost the key to my last apartment before this house where I live now. This is where I lived with my husband before we separated – my life as Wife. I still pay rent for that apartment – I must get my belongings –

No – I have left it. There is no rent to pay

I am the Source of everything I experience

In “Way on Mastery”, Jeshua suggests that we become aware that we/the one Mind – are the source of absolutely everything we experience. So today I first had the thought that Columbo – the adorable detective – actually is played by Christ.

1) He never judges.

2) He is kind and utterly gentle toward everyone – including the murderer. He even sees something to admire in him/her, most of the times.

3) He exudes genuine innocence

Then I went to town, found two great art-books – and when I stood waiting for the bus, a very big car passed me, and with large white letters all over its side:

F O L L O W   T H E   L I G H T

It stopped right in front of me for a long time.

When I came home, I looked at the movie “Fearless” with Jeff Bridges – and someone said: “Follow My Light.”




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