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These are Dawson Church’s words:

Tapping for Senseless TragedyEFT Tapping statements for Senseless Tragedies

Dear EFT Community, friends, and family,

We live in a world in which the news is full of senseless tragedies. From terrorist attacks, to school shootings, to random acts of violence.

These tragedies can disturb and upset us. Often, we feel helpless, because there seems to be nothing we can do to prevent them, or to help the people affected by them.

However, there is always one thing that we can do, and that is to remain calm, loving, peaceful and compassionate within ourselves.

When we get upset, worried, angry, guilty or sad, we are not in a position to offer anything helpful to those around us. But when we cultivate inner peace regardless of the senseless tragedies in the world, we become a beacon of love and compassion to everyone around us.

From this empowered inner state, we are much better equipped to respond effectively and appropriately to the suffering in the world around us.

I wrote this tapping script to use when we feel emotionally overwhelmed by senseless tragedy.

Tap through the points in any order that feels good to you. In the script, I suggest specific points to tap, but these are guidelines only, and you can pair tapping on any point with any of the affirmations. A tapping diagram appears below the tapping script.

When you’ve used the script, please share your experiences with others. Use this link to Facebook to encourage and support other people who are struggling with these same issues.

You are even more powerful when you share your strength!

Thank you,

Dawson Church 


Tapping Script for Seemingly Senseless Tragedies

/Leelah’s remark: you find an illustration of the location of the points under the article. I now tap each time I see horrible images, which makes it so much easier not to be overwhelmed and terrified by them./

KC (Karate Chop Point): Even though I don’t understand this senseless tragedy.

KC (Karate Chop Point): Even though I can’t believe people would do such a thing.

KC (Karate Chop Point): Even though I can’t believe this is happening.

KC (Karate Chop Point): I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB (Eyebrow): I can’t imagine the things that happen in the world.

SE (Side-of-eye): I can’t believe we live in a world in which such things are a possible.

UE (Under-eye): Why would anyone do such a thing?

UN (Under-nose): It doesn’t make any sense.

CH (Chin): It doesn’t make sense to hurt other people.

CB (Collarbone): It doesn’t make sense to cause such suffering.

UA (Under-arm): It doesn’t make sense to cause such violence.

KC (Karate Chop Point): And even though all this violence and suffering makes no sense.

KC (Karate Chop Point): I deeply and completely accept myself.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

EB: It could have been me.

SE: It could have been my family.

UE: It could have been my loved ones.

UN: It could have been my friends.

CH: It could have been anybody.

CB: All those poor people.

UA: All that suffering.

KC: All that violence.

EB: I can’t help them.

SE: I can’t help myself.

UE: I can’t help the ones I love.

UN: I can’t protect anyone.

CH: All my regrets.

CB: Can’t help any of them.

UA: Can’t help me.

KC: Can’t help the people I love.

KC: And even though there’s nothing I can do.

EB: Nothing I can do.

SE: Nothing I can do.

UE: Nothing I can do.

UN: Nothing I can do.

CH: Nothing I can do.

CB: Nothing I can do.

UA: Nothing I can do.

KC: Nothing I can do to help those who are suffering.

KC: I deeply and completely accept myself.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

EB: I now send love from my heart.

SE: To all those who are suffering.

UE: As a result of this senseless tragedy.

UN: I now send love from my heart.

CH: To all the people in the whole world who are suffering.

CB: I now send love from my heart.

UA: To all the people I know.

EB: All my friends and all my family.

KC: I now send love from my heart.

EB: To myself.

SE: To the parts of myself that are suffering.

UE: To the parts of myself that are violent.

UN: To the parts of myself that are senseless.

CH: To the parts of myself that cause harm.

CB: That cause harm to myself and others.

UA: That cause harm.

KC: And even though I’m not perfect, I deeply and completely accept myself.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

EB: I don’t know why this tragedy happened.

SE: I’m powerless to do anything about it.

UE: I can’t even understand it.

UN: And even though I am unable to understand it.

CH: And even though I am unable to help.

CB: And even though I can’t do anything.

UA: And even though I’m helpless.

KC: I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB: I can’t help them.

SE: I can’t help myself.

UE: I can’t help anybody.

KC: And even though I’m helpless, I deeply and completely accept myself.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

KC: My being upset.

KC: Is not going to help anybody.

EB: My being angry.

SE: Is not going to help anybody.

UE: By being angry and upset.

UN: I’m adding to the anger and upset in the world.

CH: I choose now to release it.

CB: I choose now to release my own suffering.

UA: I choose to be at peace.

KC: Despite this terrible tragedy.

KC: I send peace and love from my heart.

KC: To everybody suffering now.

KC: I send peace and love from my heart.

KC: To my own suffering mind.

KC: I send peace and love from my heart.

KC: To the whole world.

KC: Despite this terrible tragedy.

KC: I choose to be at peace.

EB: I use this terrible tragedy.

SE: As a reminder of how important it is for me to be at peace.

UE: As a reminder to be a person of peace in the world.

UN: No matter how violent that world is.

CH: I choose to be a person of peace.

UA: I choose to be a person of love.

KC: I choose to be a person of kindness.

KC: I choose to be a person of peace, love, and kindness.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

EB: I resolve that every thought I think.

SE: Will be nothing but peace and kindness.

UE: I resolve that every feeling in my heart.

UN: Will be nothing but compassion and love.

CH: Filling myself now with compassion, love, peace and kindness.

CB: I send that energy out into the world.

UA: To touch and heal everyone.

KC: I am a powerful creator.

KC: I have powerful energy.

KC: And I now send that powerful energy out into the world.

KC: To touch everyone else with peace compassion and kindness.

EB: That is what I can do.

SE: This is in my power.

UE: I may feel powerless.

UN: In the face of this senseless tragedy.

CH: I have power.

CB: To send the energy of love out into the world.

KC: I have the power.

KC: To create peace and love in my own heart.

KC: In my own body.

KC: In my own energy field.

EB: I now claim my power.

SE: To create peace and love in myself.

UE: And send those intentions out into the world.

UN: I am a powerful creator.

CH: And I choose to use my creativity.

CB: To create peace and love all around me.

UA: No matter what else is happening in the world.

KC: And no matter what choices other people make.

KC: My choice is clear.

KC: I have made my choice.

KC: And my choice is to be a person of peace and love.

KC: In my own mind, my own body, and my own energy field.

EB: I radiate peace and love all around me.

SE: Despite this senseless tragedy.

UE: Despite all the tragedies in the world.

UN: I choose to be a person.

CH: Of peace and love.

CB: I choose to be a beacon.

UA: Of peace and love.

KC: I choose to be a person.

KC: Of compassion and kindness.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

EB: No matter what choices everybody else’s making.

SE: Only I choose how I feel.

UE: Only I choose the kind of person I am.

UN: And I choose to be a person of love.

CH: I choose to be a beacon of kindness.

CB: I choose to be a person of compassion.

UA: I fill my own heart with compassion.

KC: I fill my own body with compassion.

KC: And I fill my own mind with compassion.

KC: I walk into this day as a beacon of love and compassion.

EB: Kindness is not weak.

SE: Compassion is not weak.

UE: Peace is not weak.

UN: Compassion is stronger than fear.

CH: Kindness is stronger than violence.

CB: Peace is stronger than any tragedy.

UA: Love is stronger than fear.

KC: And as a person of love, peace and kindness.

KC: I walk now into this day.

EB: My heart is at peace.

SE: My mind is at rest.

UE: And I am strong.

UN: I am love.

CH: I am peace.

CB: I am kindness.

UA: I am compassion.

KC: I am.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]




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EFT Tapping Sequence



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Massacre in the mind

The last three days I have had dreams about massacres, stalkers and such – dreams from the collective unconscious. The entrance-light helped me find the reason for the fear: it (the lamp) went out and I asked to find the root of the fear. Instantly I knew: massacres. And instantly the light went on.

What a help this was: now I was prepared for massacre-dreams.

This morning I was inside a massacre with machetes in Africa, saw, smelled, watched and listened. There was a huge naked African in front of me, his body was scarred, he was naked and hairless , and I felt and sensed both his energy and my fear of being discovered and hacked and slaughtered. We shared FEAR itself as energy.

I was also threated by the size of his erected penis. To me, who has a pattern of identifying with the (rape-)victim, it says only one thing: I WANT AND I TAKE WHAT I WANT

Later in the session Kit helps me see another vital aspect of this strong masculine limb and desire: I WANT TO CREATE AND EXPRESS!

How much I – and all rape victims – have denied that healthy masculine push within ourselves – seeing only the crushing dominating part. A great balance has happened within my mind.

Although I identified with the victim in the dream, when I woke up it was clear that this is far from personal. I might have participated in massacres – I think we all have, at some time – but what started the massacre is a thought in the mind that believes that the separation has happened and that we are on our own – without God.The Course metaphysics states that it in fact we /the Son of God as One -believed we had killed off God. Then, in the mind, an experience is created – kill and be killed – killer and victim – guilt and sin – duality. And since we are as God created us – pure creativity with unlimited power to create whatever we believe in – the massacres manifest in this world, where everything are projections of images in the One mind – believed in.

Jeshua – Jesus – and other masters constantly remind us that the world is illusion – and what we seem to see and experience is a hologram, powered by our belief and our wish to experience all kind of stuff.

So today, in a sharing session with Kit, I re-enter the machete-killing-dream – I sit with the energy of the massacre – knowing that there is nothing to fear, it is an image, and only in my mind can it be healed.

I choose to use the forgiveness-structure that Jeshua taught Jayem in The Way of the Heart.

Where in myself can I find this lust for violence? Oh, no need to look far. I have wanted to mutilate and slaughter “the guilty ones” for sure.

“I judge you not. I extend forgiveness to myself for what I have created. I embrace you, and I love you. And I free you to be yourself. And I bless you with the blessing of Christ.”

I forgive myself for wanting to murder and mutilate and kill. I forgive my judgment of myself, and for identifying with this terror-energy

“What is the attack masking? What are they really crying out for?”

Love – to embrace them and comfort them and make them feel safe and autonomous – free to live without hatred.

I ask to see the innocence of his soul. The light envelopes him. Now his eyes are alive with awareness.


In the next dream, I am being stalked by a western variation of a killer. I flee for a long while until I think about stopping and facing him and loving him. Instantly he turns into a child, who adores me.


The old poisonous story

This night, I saw through the pattern of being “unjustly treated,” “disrespected.”

I saw how I have projected this pattern  –  this part of “my story” – on clients and others (included rapists and insane people from childhood): No – Leelah has not done that – egomind has, in order to secure its status as separate, special, master of its own destiny. It’s not that I attract them – its that I immediately project this story on them and myself, in order to keep my separated self intact. The story is of such magnetic/vibrational magnitude because it is the main story of the world: the innocent victim and the guilty violator.

The projector is me: what a relief to see  that I am “dreaming” this whole story up and making it real, believing in its very realistic appearances and pains.

It is not real: God has never thought these thoughts. It has never happened in reality – in Heaven.

How can I not be respected? I am a reflection of God’s perfection, created in his Image.

I forgive myself for dreaming this impossible dream and for taking the innocent role-part.

I am done fighting Love in this way – how beautiful to just relax into the knowing that I am innocent, and so are the role-players of perpetrators. The degree of perversion and “evil” means nothing: the original pain and fear in the mind came from the Son of God’s belief that the Tiny Mad Idea was real.

I forgive myself for making you act out, so that I can keep my story of “me.”Keep the specialness going.

Holy Spirit, thank you for showing me the complete insanity of the egomind. I don’t want to do it any more.


The red spot

Going to bed last night, I noticed a clear round red spot on my left cheek. It was big too – 0,6 inch.That set off a strong alarm in the body  – my face would be disfigured,I would not look pretty anymore. i would look disgusting, disfigured, sickening, abominable. It took some seconds before i recognized split-off feelings from very young: verbal abuse from the men who also sexually abused me. I felt U G L Y and D I S G U S T I N G  and there was a strong identification with all the labels.

I have looked at photos of myself as young. Pretty is a weak word for it. Thing is – I did not see that before I was in the sixties. The old image of BAD and DISGUSTING was a veil that i saw myself through, whatever others told me.

In bed, I went into the TAT-pose  and went through the 8 sentences/”attitudes” while holding the pose. One can incorporate TAT with Course-teachings, so this is a great healing procedure for me. TAT works with putting our attention on what the attitudes say while touching certain energy-medicine points, and then just paying attention to what happens in the body and mind, letting it be, trusting the process.

What happened was strong pains like lightening bolts, nausea and despair. While i was going through the process, I knew that when something manifests in the skin like this, it means that it has come to be seen and forgiven and released. So I forgave my perception of myself as disgusting etc – forgave the ones who gave me the words ( by choosing ego as my teacher I had unconsciously wanted somebody to punish guilty old me.)

Looking into the mirror this morning, there was no trace of the red spot. I said thank you very loud – and heard: “it is your perception of yourself that is healed.”

Of course! The red spot was nothing else than a projection of my “ugly disgusting” perception of myself.

All is lessons

This moment is such a sweet release from a tough night where I seem to be obsessed  and controlled with “you shall” and “you must” thoughts.

Then I go to beloved Myron’s group – and she reminds us to find the thought that leads to the belief that creates this agony.

Instantly I remember a very very unpleasant forgiveness-lesson this morning.

I had ordered a health-care product from a web-firm – and they had sent the package to a post office 3 hours away, instead of the closest which is 20 minutes away. I pointed  out in  2 mails that that was not reasonable – and this morning I was called up and told to pay 20 pounds in “punishment” for not having picked up the parcel.

I tried the polite way of reasoning for a while – the  heard myself saying “I will never never never never never pay that fee. This error is on your side.”

Immediately – so strange – she shifts and becomes friendly and polite: “Then you shall not have to. We will note that you from now on shall use x postoffice.”

And that was that!

Then – directly after – I open my mail, and the Library tells me that I am overdue with 2 DVDs and HAVE TO deliver them at once. I mail them back and tell me that since our library next to me is under repair, this means that I have to travel 1 hour, and that I will wait one week until I am close to that library – and that I of course will pay the fee.

The willingness to pay is completely different form the first example – the energy is clear. But after reading Myron’s blog I know that I have to find that thought behind this “You MUST” – thoughts going on – and I see it:

“I am guilty and have sinned and I must pay the consequences.”

Finding the thought, seeing that it is an error in perception, makes it easy to give it over to H.S and ask him to correct it for me. The calm and peace is instantaeous.

Again it is seen how every unpleasantness is just a help to see and find these old outdated thoughts.

And I laugh when I realize how, when I very clearly stated that I did not intend to pay – because i did not see myself as guilty, or responsible for the error – she instantly changed her mind.

Two approaches leading to the same peace

Kit and I am Skyping. She is telling me about Bruce Lipton’s awakening. As a biologist, he investigated the cellular make-up: for years and years he experimented with cells. He found that  removing the cell-nucleus from the cell, and keeping the membrane, the cell still survived for about a month.

Without the membrane – the “bridge” between the outer and the inner – the separated cell nucleus died instantly.

The specialness – the genes for red hair,musicality,colorblindness and black skin lies in the DNA. Life itself lies in the membrane – the connective tissue.

Lipton shares how he worked and worked, and through the years his insights “crystallized” until he had his awakening. Kit and I agree that we both are crystallizing too – everything we have been through is leading us to amazing synchronicities, people and information come to us in wondrous ways.

I share a process from this early morning: there were strong tensions behind my eyes as usual, leading to neck pain. Through the last 30 years I have found effective ways of addressing pain and discomfort with gentleness and communication – so also this morning, where I expressed a wish to hear the pain out – what it was all about, and why it felt the need to keep this habit of straining the muscles so much.

It told me the story of needing to have full control ALL THE TIME: noticing everything around me to find signs that baddies were lurching – scanning the mind to be on the outlook for inner baddies/demons/enemies – and having to, compulsively,do this constantly. One second’s rest could mean instant death and hell.

Talk about obsessive-compulsive disorder:-)

Having found the roots of the tension-making and looking at it with love, the tensions were releasing, tears flowing – showing me that even the tear ducts were afflicted with automatic tensions.

I feel asleep, and had a dream: hundreds of people were together at a farm in the country for playing – just playing. In almost every other dreams where I am with other people, somebody is always sabotaging, being angry,quarreling about “rules.” I am always the one who tries to uphold peace and arrange things in a good way – to no avail and to my great frustration, waking up irritated and exhausted.

This time, everybody in the dream were co-operating. All the games flowed effortlessly; we were all following the organic flow of the processes, nobody had to be special and make fuss.We were all enjoying ourselves, trusting each other.

Waking up, I realized how the dream mirrored a huge change in the mind – from controlling and separation to co-operation and play.

The Course’s approach to pain is radically different: since pain is not created by God, it is imagined and unreal.

I see that after I had worked with pain in the way I have used for so many years, I now felt free to take the Course’s approach – the forgive the belief in value of control, and deny the pain as real. Both approaches lead to freedom.

Something deep inside relaxed as I saw how much I have listened to ego’s voice that ONLY the Course’s approach is the acceptable one – meaning that every time I did a non-Course practice I would feel bad and guilty, and the ego would be satisfied. But of course, what is valuable is  following inner Guidance exposing blocks, and seeing the purpose of holding on to suffering and specialness.



Love leading

Skyping with Kit. – Our sessions are usually – 99% I would say – filled with great Presence. When one speaks, the other is just there. This  morning I felt tense, and when it was my turn to listen I saw something on my PC desk that I HAD TO  move to Documents immediately. I knew inside that this was ego wanting control, feeling scared – still I choose to follow the OCD-impulse and deposit the file. In other words – I believed in the thought that this has power over me, and that it had power to destroy the loving space of truth that Kit and I share.I felt like shit: I was G U I L T Y .It took my peace, goddamn it!

When it is my turn to share, I tell Kit about this – and she suggests that this is a gift to explore between us. I quickly see how soon I gave my power away to ego. – So – what is really stealing my peace this night and morning?

Right now,it feels like a monster sitting on my neck and forcing me to bow – it is physically overwhelming. My tooth and jaw hurts, it feels like inflammation everywhere. This is a biggie( says ego, psychologically smart as it is.)

Ah.But it is just stuff like all ego stuff: I am just stuck in a belief that I must be perfect and always adapt to Kit’s needs to keep her love. And there it releases: I did not defend it any longer.

Now we both laugh. A lot. Big release. I think really is ego’s fear of dying.

I will allow myself to be healed when I ask for help. I will allow myself to feel safe within the body, as long as I think it and I are here. I need that I easily and lovingly set borders for my clients, when they are acting out and I am on the receiving end.

Suddenly I see how Kit mirrors my potential for receiving love. That I observe it in her, and that we are One, means that I SEE that it is available NOW. I instantly think of Barbara, my dear friend, mirroring That which has completely surrendered to the I Am. It is good to see that it is HERE – all the signs show it – and that does not necessarily mean that I will choose it with all of me.


A patient coming later today to session mails me and tells me that she has JUST paid me, “sorry. ” This woman has been given very clear rules: “I want to see the payment in my account before you get here. When you do not take this seriously, you are saying that you don’t respect the borders of the therapeutic space,  you are compromising the field of trust between us and subjecting me to a big deal of unpleasantness. Not following this rule  gives space for huge projections. I will not have it (she has done this 3 times) – and if it happens again, I will terminate the therapy.

So I realize that for me to be a good role model, I have to follow up and tell her that today is the last session. And so I sit down and repeat this from the session with Kit:

I will allow myself to be healed when I ask for help. I will allow myself to feel safe within the body, as long as I think it and I are here. I need that I easily and lovingly set borders for my clients, when they are acting out and I am on the receiving end.

I ask for help, and see us both enveloped in Love. I know I will say what I need to say with love, and will make sure that she sees that.

And this is what happens: The love in me is palpable. After her first shock and cry she sees it and senses it – and she can hear that she is welcome back when she knows for sure that she wants to keep this commitment that I want.

The session is marvelous for us both: I feel the safety to talk about that I do not allow anybody to act out in any way where I am on the receiving side like this – it would be a demonstration of self-abuse -and I pose questions to help her see her own confusion when it comes to not hearing what is said, and hating borders to be set. It is all lovingly explained and presented, and I tell her she is welcome back when she KNOWS that she can  say yes to this  rule without anger.

She thanks me for giving her what she needs and not expected and wanted. And realizes that she did NOT did something “wrong” by not paying in time: this process, and all the realizations, would never have happened if she hadn’t.

Trusting the process is all – and allowing Love to come through me.

We both benefited deeply from this: this is the first time where I have been able to refuse to be treated bad and not feel anxious about it at all. I am a role model – and it is good so.

And I think she will come back 🙂

Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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