Forgiving that old testament God

Please excuse this, all lovers of the Bible. I do not mean to offend any of you – this is an example of how a Course in Miracle-student can learn how to forgive his perception of a punishing God: the Course holds that there is no God outside our mind, that we are exactly like Him, and just need to remember Who we are. And to do that, I/we have to remove all the false images we have placed between ourselves and the original LOVE we came from – and my   and the Bible’s perception of Yahveh is one such block for me.

I have always had big trouble with this story in the Bible and Jehovah’s 10 ways of punishing Ramses – and, the punishing was not enough, no, it says that Jehovah even “hardened Ramses’ heart against Him” so that His miracles would make a bigger impact.

Well, historically that seems to be wrong – Tutmose 2 is more plausible than Ramses – but in this case, I don’t care about that, this is just about the biblical story about an overpowering God who shows muscles and reigns by terror for the ones who does not allow “His people” to leave the country

So, as a Course Student, hearing that we need to forgive our image of God, this came to me this morning – and I thought, hmm-mm – yes, I am willing to learn something new, please give me a new perception –

and I got one! YAYYYY!

Blue started to show me how God – Love – always have to approach us where we think we are. And that Egyptian ruler-culture and its hierarchies of gods was built on violence and punishment,and a view of the human that its worth was built on its origin of birth – which class one belonged to.

So then it is reasonable that Love had to come in a form that could bring through that there was a Higher Power than the pantheon of Egyptian gods – and that Yahveh’s 10  gruesome visitations on Pharaoh and the miracle He showed that the Hebrews’ firstborn children were saved, but Ramses’ little son was not(according to the story) – those were signs that were adapted to that time’s customs and ways of perceiving life and power.

I realize that of course God could not have shown up as unconditional love in Ramses’ heart – that was not the way of the Pharaohs – or any ruler by force and dictatorship.That kind of Pharaoh did show up some time later as Akhenaton -and his reign did not last long.

And the only place this seem to have happened anyway, is in the ONE MIND – and in this mind, with a little part I call mine, I have now happily removed the image of this cruel power lusty Jehovah and replaced with Love coming through that era’s perception of power and the divine.

After having let go of this image of God this morning, my body felt light as a feather

Now, later, big tiredness is coming

I am as God created me

My father and I am One

Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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