What is happening for me now –

Sometimes – maybe twice a week or more – I meet somebody’s eyes and we both are completely present and awake. “Foreigners”, that is. And they all feel like the oldest bestest friends. We never stop, I’ve noticed – just a 2-3-second eye-soul contact, deep peacefulness and joy, and then the habit takes our feet away.

But the imprint of love and joining is as strong NOW as it was when it happened – just fully remembering Who we are.

In the night, the dreams are chaotic and very very unpleasant and tiring. But when i get up and abide as Christ, I ask what belief lies under all of that. Then i realize that earlier,this belief was helping me stay “protected” from saying something and causing dangerous situations – so I thank that pattern, own it. and see that it is not valuable any longer.

Today I sat like this in the five-minutes abiding as Christ  – which turned into 3/4 hour – and at some point, a river of toxicity left my brain through my temples or ears in two streams.

Afterwards I felt I had lost about 20 pounds

Today I got a new book by Susan Wooldridge:  Poemcrazy. When I was sitting with it, the doorbell started co-cooing like crazy – 6 times, and then a seventh while I was looking at it through the window. THIS IS FOR YOU. DO IT!

Oh yes I will – funny thing is. I have done so many of this word-games she describes in earlier workshops. And now, I am back -and I will find somebody to play with 🙂

Recent poem:


Left road:

Rain on Monday evenings between 19-21
Military marches for small men with big dogs on Wednesdays
Digging holes for manure Fridays
Flag rising on Sundays, only on municipal buildings
No singing on Thursdays
Whistling: never
Red clothes only Saturday evening after 7pm
Weeping and gnashing of teeth 10 minutes after 5pm each day

Right road:

Moonlight serenades by small insects with lighted bottoms
Checkered dresses and flowered suits whenever
Pink bubbly and chocolate mousse whenever
Nothing matters
Nothing changes

Turn around.
Wait for the little red and yellow copter

Thoughts about role-playing and our Divine Choice

Thoughts about role-playing….to my readers, and to  dear Neil whom I soon will have a Skype-session with ( please notice the new Services-page.)

In reality, we humans love each other. We love each other so much that we agree to take on obnoxious roles, so that we during our incarnation are being given the lessons we need to see through the dream and wake up. And it’s like at the restaurant: we are not served food that we have not ordered.We have used the infinite Power that God gave us, to order scenarios: I chose to explore abuse,violence and insanity – and I ordered it to come in a mix with artistic mastery,musicality and a sense of authority.Through his effect on me, I was forced to deal with the consequences that  all victims have in common – fear-patterns and the archetypes they constitute.

You can read the results in “When fear comes home to Love” in the right menu.

The real gift was having to find the only thing that could heal it for good: TRUTH, and its companion radical forgiveness, as A Course in Miracles teaches it.

Without my father’s role in my family, I would not be free. Without your family – and wife – being exactly as they are, you would not be given the gift of going through this tough period, and learning about the patterns it has presented for you.

I’d like you to set the intention for the session: What do you really really want to come out of it – to the benefit of everyone involved? What does your heart yearn for? What is the feeling you want to have after the session?

We are coming together in the name of Christ, our Holy Self., to allow Him/It to work through us.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18-:20. You are invited to set the intention to give the process of this release and healing completely in H.S’s hands – and intend that you wake up the morning after, feeling happy, knowing that the healing has been done – just because you asked for it. Now your part is to trust the process, and trust your inner Guide.

Jesus tells us in the Course that it is all about joining. So your healing benefits me too – and the rest of humanity. Any healing pattern in the One Mind is available to us all.

I’d invite you to also release any doubts, like there are degrees in difficulties when it comes to your theme for healing – any belief that you need to know specific details in order for this to work.

Remember – healing is instantaneously. In fact, it has already happened by your willingness, says the Course. It is only psychologically that we have to tell each other all the things we things we need the other to hear and have the other validate them. Nothing wrong about that – but it presupposes that time is real.

I also intend to have lots of fun and laughs 🙂





Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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