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 One time Iago ( who was a playmate of Othello when they were children) made fun of Othello’s nose, and Othello boxed him on his. Iago’s. It did not look good, and Iago lost a front tooth. He then exclaimed what would be a world famous line:” Just wait Ophello, I’ll get you back when you least expect it, I will” and he spat blood.

Othello thought he called him a “fellah,”, a strong invective in those times. and that enraged him even more, and there went the other front tooth.

And a taster from “108 ways to turn crises into possibilities.” They work for problems and illnesses and overwhelm too 🙂


End of the world

If the world would end in 20 minutes, and only what you have written down here would be allowed to continue to exist – what would it be? Be specific: not books, but Oliver Twist. Not flowers, but dandelions and poppies. Not trees, but the spruce on the churchyard where I played as 4-year old. –Honor what has gilded your life! How could you bring more of these treasures into your life and crisis NOW? To be able to contain crisis, we need to remember to nourish our soul and self: this nourishment, this knowledge of what you treasure, builds your ability to contain the pain and overwhelm.


Tapping for senseless tragedy – EFT

These are Dawson Church’s words:

Tapping for Senseless TragedyEFT Tapping statements for Senseless Tragedies

Dear EFT Community, friends, and family,

We live in a world in which the news is full of senseless tragedies. From terrorist attacks, to school shootings, to random acts of violence.

These tragedies can disturb and upset us. Often, we feel helpless, because there seems to be nothing we can do to prevent them, or to help the people affected by them.

However, there is always one thing that we can do, and that is to remain calm, loving, peaceful and compassionate within ourselves.

When we get upset, worried, angry, guilty or sad, we are not in a position to offer anything helpful to those around us. But when we cultivate inner peace regardless of the senseless tragedies in the world, we become a beacon of love and compassion to everyone around us.

From this empowered inner state, we are much better equipped to respond effectively and appropriately to the suffering in the world around us.

I wrote this tapping script to use when we feel emotionally overwhelmed by senseless tragedy.

Tap through the points in any order that feels good to you. In the script, I suggest specific points to tap, but these are guidelines only, and you can pair tapping on any point with any of the affirmations. A tapping diagram appears below the tapping script.

When you’ve used the script, please share your experiences with others. Use this link to Facebook to encourage and support other people who are struggling with these same issues.

You are even more powerful when you share your strength!

Thank you,

Dawson Church 


Tapping Script for Seemingly Senseless Tragedies

/Leelah’s remark: you find an illustration of the location of the points under the article. I now tap each time I see horrible images, which makes it so much easier not to be overwhelmed and terrified by them./

KC (Karate Chop Point): Even though I don’t understand this senseless tragedy.

KC (Karate Chop Point): Even though I can’t believe people would do such a thing.

KC (Karate Chop Point): Even though I can’t believe this is happening.

KC (Karate Chop Point): I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB (Eyebrow): I can’t imagine the things that happen in the world.

SE (Side-of-eye): I can’t believe we live in a world in which such things are a possible.

UE (Under-eye): Why would anyone do such a thing?

UN (Under-nose): It doesn’t make any sense.

CH (Chin): It doesn’t make sense to hurt other people.

CB (Collarbone): It doesn’t make sense to cause such suffering.

UA (Under-arm): It doesn’t make sense to cause such violence.

KC (Karate Chop Point): And even though all this violence and suffering makes no sense.

KC (Karate Chop Point): I deeply and completely accept myself.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

EB: It could have been me.

SE: It could have been my family.

UE: It could have been my loved ones.

UN: It could have been my friends.

CH: It could have been anybody.

CB: All those poor people.

UA: All that suffering.

KC: All that violence.

EB: I can’t help them.

SE: I can’t help myself.

UE: I can’t help the ones I love.

UN: I can’t protect anyone.

CH: All my regrets.

CB: Can’t help any of them.

UA: Can’t help me.

KC: Can’t help the people I love.

KC: And even though there’s nothing I can do.

EB: Nothing I can do.

SE: Nothing I can do.

UE: Nothing I can do.

UN: Nothing I can do.

CH: Nothing I can do.

CB: Nothing I can do.

UA: Nothing I can do.

KC: Nothing I can do to help those who are suffering.

KC: I deeply and completely accept myself.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

EB: I now send love from my heart.

SE: To all those who are suffering.

UE: As a result of this senseless tragedy.

UN: I now send love from my heart.

CH: To all the people in the whole world who are suffering.

CB: I now send love from my heart.

UA: To all the people I know.

EB: All my friends and all my family.

KC: I now send love from my heart.

EB: To myself.

SE: To the parts of myself that are suffering.

UE: To the parts of myself that are violent.

UN: To the parts of myself that are senseless.

CH: To the parts of myself that cause harm.

CB: That cause harm to myself and others.

UA: That cause harm.

KC: And even though I’m not perfect, I deeply and completely accept myself.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

EB: I don’t know why this tragedy happened.

SE: I’m powerless to do anything about it.

UE: I can’t even understand it.

UN: And even though I am unable to understand it.

CH: And even though I am unable to help.

CB: And even though I can’t do anything.

UA: And even though I’m helpless.

KC: I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB: I can’t help them.

SE: I can’t help myself.

UE: I can’t help anybody.

KC: And even though I’m helpless, I deeply and completely accept myself.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

KC: My being upset.

KC: Is not going to help anybody.

EB: My being angry.

SE: Is not going to help anybody.

UE: By being angry and upset.

UN: I’m adding to the anger and upset in the world.

CH: I choose now to release it.

CB: I choose now to release my own suffering.

UA: I choose to be at peace.

KC: Despite this terrible tragedy.

KC: I send peace and love from my heart.

KC: To everybody suffering now.

KC: I send peace and love from my heart.

KC: To my own suffering mind.

KC: I send peace and love from my heart.

KC: To the whole world.

KC: Despite this terrible tragedy.

KC: I choose to be at peace.

EB: I use this terrible tragedy.

SE: As a reminder of how important it is for me to be at peace.

UE: As a reminder to be a person of peace in the world.

UN: No matter how violent that world is.

CH: I choose to be a person of peace.

UA: I choose to be a person of love.

KC: I choose to be a person of kindness.

KC: I choose to be a person of peace, love, and kindness.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

EB: I resolve that every thought I think.

SE: Will be nothing but peace and kindness.

UE: I resolve that every feeling in my heart.

UN: Will be nothing but compassion and love.

CH: Filling myself now with compassion, love, peace and kindness.

CB: I send that energy out into the world.

UA: To touch and heal everyone.

KC: I am a powerful creator.

KC: I have powerful energy.

KC: And I now send that powerful energy out into the world.

KC: To touch everyone else with peace compassion and kindness.

EB: That is what I can do.

SE: This is in my power.

UE: I may feel powerless.

UN: In the face of this senseless tragedy.

CH: I have power.

CB: To send the energy of love out into the world.

KC: I have the power.

KC: To create peace and love in my own heart.

KC: In my own body.

KC: In my own energy field.

EB: I now claim my power.

SE: To create peace and love in myself.

UE: And send those intentions out into the world.

UN: I am a powerful creator.

CH: And I choose to use my creativity.

CB: To create peace and love all around me.

UA: No matter what else is happening in the world.

KC: And no matter what choices other people make.

KC: My choice is clear.

KC: I have made my choice.

KC: And my choice is to be a person of peace and love.

KC: In my own mind, my own body, and my own energy field.

EB: I radiate peace and love all around me.

SE: Despite this senseless tragedy.

UE: Despite all the tragedies in the world.

UN: I choose to be a person.

CH: Of peace and love.

CB: I choose to be a beacon.

UA: Of peace and love.

KC: I choose to be a person.

KC: Of compassion and kindness.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

EB: No matter what choices everybody else’s making.

SE: Only I choose how I feel.

UE: Only I choose the kind of person I am.

UN: And I choose to be a person of love.

CH: I choose to be a beacon of kindness.

CB: I choose to be a person of compassion.

UA: I fill my own heart with compassion.

KC: I fill my own body with compassion.

KC: And I fill my own mind with compassion.

KC: I walk into this day as a beacon of love and compassion.

EB: Kindness is not weak.

SE: Compassion is not weak.

UE: Peace is not weak.

UN: Compassion is stronger than fear.

CH: Kindness is stronger than violence.

CB: Peace is stronger than any tragedy.

UA: Love is stronger than fear.

KC: And as a person of love, peace and kindness.

KC: I walk now into this day.

EB: My heart is at peace.

SE: My mind is at rest.

UE: And I am strong.

UN: I am love.

CH: I am peace.

CB: I am kindness.

UA: I am compassion.

KC: I am.

[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]




Other Resources:

• Overcoming Adversity: How Energy Tapping Transforms Your Life’s Worst Experiences: A Primer for Post-Traumatic Growth by Caroline Sakai, PhD

• EFT for PTSD by Dawson Church, PhD

• The EFT Manual by Dawson Church, PhD (see the chapter on The Gentle Techniques for tapping for trauma)

• Psychological Trauma: Healing Its Roots in Body, Mind and Memory by Dawson Church, PhD


EFT Tapping Sequence



Please share your experience on Facebook here 

Email a link to this page to any of your friends affected by tragedy



Signs from Mystery

Late signs:


In the living room, 2 days ago: I am looking at a painting I made some 10 years ago or so – and i see, in the very center of the Sun/Self a radiant rainbow-spot of brilliant pulsating light. Its source is a prism hanging in my window. The very second I notice the light in the center of the Sun, my cellphone sounds:it is a message from a healer: he is available for sessions this week.

I order a session 🙂

The effect has gone when I take this photo – but I am sure you can imagine the magical effect of that shimmering Light in the center of the Sun:


The Sun

I have lately started a new workout-regime called TIMANI. We learn ways to stretch the Fascia- muscles inside the thighs – and boy has that had consequences for my nervous system to flare up in overwhelm.

A friend recently shared this on Facebook:

“… the things that I used to believe. But as they come, I gently take them by the hand and lead them to the Truth, where they gradually fade and disappear, leaving me in the peace that I have always been. I bring them to the Kingdom, where God gently wipes them away, as the dream that they always were and I am blessed beyond measure. Thankyou my Beloved, and the Truth will set us free. “

After digesting the truth in this, after two days in agony, suddenly a great clarity comes through me: This is just the old stories of the inner child, coming up to be released. In that moment, ca 80% of the agony dissipates.

This is from Jeshua from Way of Mastery – Radical Inquiry™:

“We cannot awaken unless we are willing to ‘turn back’ through Radical Inquiry™ and discover what has been rendered unconscious and cut off from awareness; there to greet it as our own creation, to welcome it home, as it were, into the embrace of our present love.”

I practice this diligently

 Dream early yesterday morning:

It is Christmas Eve.There is a very angry and upset man banging on my door in my childhood’s home. He looks crazy and rather volatile. I lean out of the window, and smile with all my heart at him, asking him what he wants. He explains that he has a package to deliver, and I ask him in for a cup of warm cocoa. He comes inside, and I recognize that my smile is genuine: I truly care for him. This changes his demeanor completely.

When I wake up, I am reminded of the story about Milarepa and the demons that came visiting – and him inviting them in for tea. They melted too 🙂


I enter my Healing room. Close to my seat a wasp has chosen its place to die. I have screens in front of all openings in my house – I am afraid of the effects of wasp-stinging.

Death of a poisenous attacker

The first wasp that I remember stinging me, played an important role in my exploration of an archetype I describe in “When fear comes home to Love:” “Bird.” Here is the start of that chapter:

It is midsummer. I am about five. I sit in the tall grass in front of our house. The air is heavy from sweet flower-fragrances and the dense humming from happy busy insects. A wasp stings my finger. It immediately swells, it hurts terribly, I scream and scream.

Mummy comes. My Mummy. She takes me in her arms and hugs me hard, she cries when she sees the bursting finger: “Pooooooor little Leelah!” … I sit and listen breathlessly to a story about chameleons. You can see it on the illustration in the book: there it sits on a branch, quiet as a mouse – it blends perfectly into the foliage… there comes the fat fly walking, and zing! The long tongue shoots out and glues itself to its victim. Yack! – There the chameleon jumps to another branch, the colors change. Look at his belly changing colors after the branch – and the back takes the pattern after the flowers above! Each millimeter of this animal can adapt to its surroundings.

My Mummy convinces me that this animal is not make-believe: it is for real. I am spellbound by the chameleon.

The figure carrying the chameleonic in the J&H-myth is the Bird:

“I must adapt to the family’s / the surrounding’s expectations and demands. My only reason for existence is making them satisfied and happy. Suffering is safe. I just have to eradicate myself and blend into the surroundings. I leave myself and take the others inside. I digest their pain. I hold on to it. No one must see it .I keep the family-secret. Myself? I need nothing.”

Now this wasp – this archetype of giving poison and pain – has made its way into my Healing room and given up life in front of my Place – no more an instrument of pain, now the sign of a surrender of an old role in my soul’ make-up.

I love that little wasp: I want to honor it and get the idea to draw an angel card: OBEDIENCE is the first. I place the wasp on it:it gave up his life as wasp in fron of this symbolic place of my Self. Oh how I love those surrendered outstretched wings.

I am then asked to draw two more cards – and I draw HUMOUR and BEAUTY.


3.Sign yesterday afternoon:

I am looking through old journals and taking photos. I am looking at a old drawing in my journal:

The kiss

The kiss


In the same second I take the photo, an electronic doorbell sounds from upstairs – but this is not the sound I have chosen: it is much harsher.

I run up the stairs, the bell is still chiming in my room and there is nobody outside my door.

My mind had a strong energetic signal connected to that image when I drew it-  this time I was open for it. I do not know where it comes from – thank God I do not have to figure it out – but I can and will do what Jeshua suggests above: greet it as our own creation, to welcome it home, as it were, into the embrace of our present love.”









The signals lately of irritation have been huge.

In a Forum, just the other day, all the members were being verbally abused by a person whose vocabulary showed a remarkable variation in  imaginative and very graphic descriptions of lover body-parts. He let it all hang out, and his self-hatred were projected on us.

I knew inside that I was asked to pay attention to what this was mirroring in me – and knew that it had to do with the dream about the irritation: that which made interruptions all the time – that which wanted  and needed to express RIGHT NOW.

I go out on the veranda to roll down the solar protection. Suddenly a swarm of wasps surround me – I run inside and close the door and windows. Looking out, i see that they live in an old cupboard for tools on the veranda. Now that is a good  reflection of the toxicity inside the mind: I want to find the thoughts in the mind that I still believe are truth.

So today, in wonderful timing, I Skyped with Caren, who was kind enough to step into the role of the one who irritated me.Or an old crushed part of me, as it turned out to.

That foul-spewing guy on the Forum mirrored this part exactly, as I found out today.

When Caren asked me if i could allow the awareness to expand, this old part snapped: “Don’t tell me what to do!”

I choose to allow its anger to freely be expressed. It spoke from an identity who never could say no or “go away” or “stop” or “fuck you” or “too much” or leave me alone or I’ll kill you!” Expressing these borders was not an option for this one – because the price would be to be cast out of the family unit, and wander the word as the most shameful person evvver.

So when Caren invites me to let it out, it is at first impossible –  the feeling of condemnation and  shame is overwhelming: “What a naughty obnoxious girl you are! You really deserve to die, horrible scum you are!” But nudged to do what I really would have loved to do, I notice that I would have liked to do exactly what the invective-spewer did yesterday on the Forum ( and for which he was banned from the Forum by the administration.)

I would like to yell and scream and be violent and hurt and see people suffer and that it lasted for a long very long time, and then i would leave them to suffer and enjoy their screams for a very very long time, thank you.

It is allowed now – the sickness rises almost to vomiting.

Shut up! don’t say anything! Give me space! Step back! Don’t even open your mouth! Don’t tell me what to do or think or how to be! Don’t tell me how to be! Shut up!Don’t look at me! Don’t poke me!! Its too much too much! Don’t interrupt me! Listen!

The overwhelm is absolute in this child – and all was repressed and denied. No wonder the poison grew in that not-allowed space

The door is opened now. Expressions is allowed, and there is no condemnation and no shame. *

I phone a pest removal firm, and talk to a man who has visited me before, removing a huge wasp nest. He does not hate them, and has the loveliest energy.

Feeling fully what the wasps symbolized took care of yet another repressed part. It all is such a blessed process

Old movie

Following the process – still the old theme of “darkness.” Yet another tough experience in the night and morning, with overwhelming depression and gloom. Yet – Blue is very available when I ask for help.

Blue:The attacks and darkness you are having are memories from the past – and thus the effect of the belief in Time – being projected into the Present. You cannot fix them – but you can receive them with Love.

Me: Many many times I have met them with the willingness to Be with them and bless them, to extend all my Love into  “this” – and to see it as scared children dressing up as demons, crying out for love and forgiveness – which I have offered, as the gifts I can give as the Holy Son of God, created in His image.

Seeing “darkness” is seeing through a dark filter of judgment –  and with  judgment I see myself as unworthy and ugly and afraid. I see myself as a terrified child/victim – and it seems SO alive in me, I feel all its feelings of overwhelm. Because of  the sensations/pains in my nervous system, I identify with it subconsciously.

Blue: If this pain and darkness and horror is real, God is not real. If you believe God is real – and you do  – then this pain and horror is just ego’s creations, which you, as the Holy Son of God use your tremendous power to animate – or make real. Do not deny your immense God-given power  that you share with Him: the world around you, just an imagination, seems so very real – because as humans, you believe that what you can touch has reality – and the mind is just “thoughts”. Since you, as Mind, made all of this up – = the Universe – saying it is real –you can choose again.Just acknowledge this: “It is impossible for me, who am created in God’s image, to discreate what He has created. If that was possible, it would also mean that it is possible to discreate my Self.”

Me: So I am acknowledging that what seems to be visiting me, telling me that it is more powerful that Love, are just projections/manifestations of guilt, fear and sin – it comes in many packages and variations, to divert my mind and make it interested in my creations.

Blue: Fear loves to dress itself up – and fragment itself into a multitude of costumes and “spirits” that now must be placated by you. Lots of efforts now – to take your mind off the Truth. There is nothing wrong in noticing these occurrences – but you are the awareness noticing it, and not a victim of it. When you stop giving your God-given power to the belief that the show is real, you might just tire of the show and leave the showroom. It is like an old film you have seen in all possible variations – why are you still buying tickets?

Me: so what do I do then, the next time I wake up and feel the old horror in my veins and muscles, and hear the threats that I belong to it? And feel a HUGE identification with the victim-child-part?

Blue: realize that you have used your vast power to imagine something that is impossible, and by that trick you have proved that God is wrong and you are right: separation really happened. The one in you that does this, CAN NOT be the real Self – right? YOU are aware of it – and YOU can choose again. Forgive yourself for dreaming this dream, and for repeating it until you are tired of it. Choose to believe that the power you use to recreate the dream of darkness, you can use to co-create with God: extending the Love That you are.

Me: On behalf  of the Son of God, I choose to release the part of my mind that joins with the ego in this. I know that you will be released, unless I want to use you to imprison myself. Holy Spirit, please let me know when I enter this self-imprisonment-game, so I can choose to smile instead. In the name of my freedom, I release you – because I realize we will be released together.

Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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